How are you feeling about your unfulfilled desires right now? Are they torturing you or are they bringing a smile to your face when you think about them?


It’s come to my attention through conversations with some readers, prospective clients, and friends, that there are actually quite a few people out there who seem to believe in the Law of Attraction, or mostly believe in the Law of Attraction, but when it comes down to the nuts and bolts of their desire actually appearing in their life, they are falling a bit short on the belief aspect of the equation.  And, they consider themselves stuck, without a clear sense of where to go from here. This has actually surprised me, to a degree, as I kind of assumed that anyone who would contact me for coaching or have spent some time with me would already believe in the fact that the Universe begins to deliver on every one of our desires virtually from the moment we have our first thought of it. This occurs even before we’ve prayed for the desire, or written affirmations about it, or visualized it happening, or created a vision board with a picture of exactly what we want, or any other of the myriad processes we’ve learned to use to help us get on track with our desires.

I’m finding that some of us just aren’t quite there when it comes to knowing that our desires are inevitable if we can line ourselves up with them by feeling the way we would feel if those desires were right here, right now. I’m getting the impression that there are lots of folks out there who are actually settling for less than they really want because it isn’t quite “believable” to them that their desire has actually already been created for them. The other possibility I’m discerning is that they don’t have that necessary belief in their own ability to get into those higher emotional states, which are a match to the vibration of their desire. So either way, they’re finding themselves feeling stuck.

There seems to be quite a bit of worry or doubt floating around out there, and it’s understandable, to some extent, because all of us have experienced situations where our desire just hasn’t shown up for us, ever. And we wonder why some people are able to do it, that is, create exactly what they want. And, it’s especially frustrating (I’ve heard) when someone has been studying the LOA for years, then hears about some newcomer to the LOA who begins attracting what they want pretty quickly.  That just leaves those folks feeling worse, still in that limbo state of frustration, thinking they should be able to attract what they want, but they’re just not able to muster their belief either in the Universe’s unfailing response to their request, or their own ability to get into that happy zone often enough to allow in their desire.


I hope you realize that addressing (doing an attitude adjustment) on these two sets of beliefs is the only way to break out of that state of “being stuck,” and starting to bring the things you really want into your life.

If you’re one of the people, like some of those I’ve encountered recently, who aren’t totally convinced that the Universe is delivering, you’re going to need to prove to yourself that the Universe is hearing you, always. If you’ve got a bit of disbelief going, you’re going to need to say to yourself that you’re giving this experiment a chance. You’re going to want to pick a very small thing, something you have no resistance to, no issues around, and you’re going to need to decide to expect that thing to show up for you. I’ve done this and it not only works, but it has that magical effect of raising your vibration and also creating the belief that “Yes, this is possible; I can do this.” So, think of something, perhaps somewhat unusual, not something you’d consider impossible, but not something that you’d encounter in your usual routine. You might think of a tomato, a camera, a butterfly, a puppy, a particular word, just something that you wouldn’t normally see but you could see. Within the next few days, absolutely expect to see that thing you’ve chosen. This has never not worked for me. And, it often happens in unanticipated ways. You might see the object or word in nature, on the side of a truck, on a billboard, while you’re taking a walk, in a message on the Internet. And, you might see it more than once. As an example, I once asked the Universe to show me a butterfly, yet it was winter in Washington, D.C. There would not be any butterflies flitting around. As I walked past a bookstore within a day or two, there was a huge display of butterflies in the bookstore window. On another occasion, I asked the Universe to show me a ladybug. It wasn’t ladybug season. Not only did a ladybug nearly fly into the car windshield but I also saw a beautiful glass ladybug pin immediately when I walked into a gift shop the same day. Once I chose the word ingot (weird enough huh?) and saw it that day in a word game I was playing on the computer.  Very cool.  So, give that a try and see if it doesn’t bolster your belief and expectation that the Universe is always delivering. Ask with the expectation that this can happen, that this is the way it works.  And, it’s fun.

Part two of this moving into a place where you are actually believing that you’re going to get what you want, might involve changing your focus. Perhaps your attempts to focus on your desire, visualizing it, whatever you do to try to line up with your desire, are actually leaving you exactly where you are, that is, without your desire. And, this likely would be the result of focusing on your desire with an underlying belief and expectation that it isn’t really likely to happen. You may be repeating affirmations or visualizing, but the Universe is only picking up on your vibration, which is “I want this, really, really, want this, but I haven’t gotten it so far; maybe I’m just not good at focusing on my desire or can’t create that high vibe I need to match up with it.”

Luckily, for all of us, there is a way around this, at least as a step one. If you find yourself in that situation, I’d recommend removing your focus from your desire, at least briefly. By focusing on it with your currently mixed state of only partial belief you’re actually contributing to your status of feeling stuck. You can’t get there from there.  You’re going to want to focus instead on other things that make you feel good. You don’t have to feel good about money, in particular, or relationships, in particular, or a new car, specifically, to attract any of those things into your life. You just need to feel good, in general, as often as you can, on any subject, and you will begin to see movement on the money, the relationship and the car.  It is possible to feel good without having those specific things in your life at this precise moment.  You have lots of other things you can appreciate, even briefly, each day.  So, I’m suggesting that you back off a bit on your desire, for just long enough that you can experience some evidence of some desires moving into your life, even little things.  By doing just that you’ve created the momentum you can build upon and start to pull in those desires that seemed elusive.


Strategies for doing just that are a big part of “How to Allow,” available at and, and are also a major focus of my coaching. I would love to help you with strategies that work and with changing your “inner game.”  Feel free to contact me at  I offer a free coaching session and I know I can help you get to where you’d like to be.



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