Sometimes despite all that we know about creating our lives by the thoughts we are thinking, the energy we put out into the world, we find ourselves wondering when what we want is ever going to show up? It can feel like it’s been forever that we’ve been waiting for the money in our bank account or the magical relationship.  What can give us that momentum that will Allow those strong desires to show up now?  


A question was asked at a recent A-Hicks seminar by a guy who wanted to know “how close am I to manifesting what I want?” The answer may or may not surprise you, but I’m hoping that this reminder might be just what you need to kick-start yourself into finally allowing in your desire. I did not say give yourself a kick in the ___ to get your momentum going but that might not hurt either if you’ve been languishing in “what is” for a long time.  The answer is that everything we’ve asked for, whether it’s been this week, today, or in an earlier lifetime, is virtually complete, ready, as in done. It’s 99.9% ready. When I think about that it feels ridiculous not to be able to shift my perspective that tiny amount, which would allow that remaining .1% of something I really, really want to show up for me right now.


So it makes much more sense not to talk about the distance of your desires from where you are. It isn’t about distance or time but how good you feel about your desires, period.


A fitting analogy that was discussed was the fact that you could turn your radio dial just one click and you’d have the song you want to hear rather than the song that makes you cringe. If it’s only that slight click, that slight up-tick, wouldn’t we want to do everything in our power to adjust our perspective on any subject that has us in a state of worry, concern, confusion, anything that’s not eager anticipation? It’s just sooooo worth it. And, it’s the only path to what we want.


I love this quotation from the Communion of Light as it’s pretty inspiring as a way to think about making that slight adjustment:


This moment, right where you are, is where all the power is. The future is yet to be written. The past is but a memory. Your ability to create anything and everything is unfettered. Relax and know that all is well. Fear of the unknown turns two degrees and becomes excitement and gleeful anticipation of something wonderful happening. You’re always just one breath away from deciding for all the good you’ve been withholding from yourself.



So, we have the option of holding ourselves right where we are forever or making that slight adjustment in our perspective, our attitude, our attention. Even a slight adjustment will bring in the ideas, the contacts, the unexpected events that will cause the 99.9% creation to become the 100% complete creation in our current reality, as in now, now, now, now, now.

How can we do this? How hard can it be to turn two degrees and allow fear of the unknown to turn into eager anticipation?


It doesn’t have to be so hard. It’s just head up, one slightly better thought about the situation, then a slightly better thought, remembering that the Universe is completely supporting us if we Allow it. That means a shift of focus from what isn’t working to the solutions we know are coming. It means a stop to complaining about what others are doing and focusing on our own mood and vibration. It means making our focus and perspective our top priority.



We don’t need to become delusional and pretend something is different than the way that it actually is. We can think about how great it will feel when we have what we want. We can alternatively not think at all about what we really want that has been eluding us and distract ourselves from the “issue” with other things that feel good.  That leads to getting the thing that we really want.  We can also appreciate the things in our current circumstances that are working. We can give ourselves a pat on the back for our efforts to stay in alignment. We can remind ourselves that we have creative control by controlling our focus.


We can trust ourselves to get it right more often and remind ourselves how trustworthy the Universe is, that it’s always working to create just what we’re asking for.  The Universe is ALWAYS SUPPORTING US. Are we going to Allow it to fully support us by letting in just what we want? Doesn’t the idea of ALLOWING MORE SUPPORT AND EASE make you feel better already?


Once we get ourselves moving in the direction of joy and eagerness by making that tiny shift in perspective, in our mood, the time factor relating to our desires will become NOW.  Passing up on making that tiny shift doesn’t even feel like an option does it?  The time is NOW.




I have lots of tools for shifting perspective, building faith and trust and creating momentum. Let me know if you could use some support with that. We can take your issue(s) and find a much better perspective that’s resistance free.  It’s about time you allowed yourself to rendezvous with the millions of dollars and the incredible people that you haven’t been allowing yourself to see before now.



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