Generally, there are a couple of things going on when we have wanted something and it still hasn’t shown up. We often feel confusion, or a lack of “clarity” on the issue; we’re not sure of our next step. The other aspect that creates the perfect storm for keeping our desire away from us is our painful awareness that it isn’t there yet. But, we’re not “stuck” in this land of limbo. There are ways to deal both with gaining more clarity and reframing our focus on our desire.

As Abraham mentioned in a recent seminar, “Asking for clarity about a thing you don’t have clarity about—you can’t get there from there.” My first reaction to this was well, damn, seriously? I’m always looking for clarity about my next step and the path to my desire! In their infinite wisdom, Abe pointed out that if you can just ask for general clarity, it will lead you step by step to clarity on the issue. You need to be willing to say, “I’ll take clarity in general.” Think about something you are clear about already. Think about how good it feels to know what to do next and to know what you are doing. This doesn’t have to be a big issue. You’re amping up your vibration when it comes to clarity.  And, once you’ve asked the Universe for just general clarity, you’re going to be receiving more clarity; it’s on it’s way. There’s not a whole lot of resistance attached to asking the Universe to have more clarity in general.  It’s a reasonable request right?


So, once you get to that clarity on some subjects, feeling more steady,  you will soon be able to think about anything with clarity. It’s similar to building muscles that will be there to support you in doing things that require strength. You’re building your CLARITY about your life, your direction, what actions feel best. And, before you know it you can, as Abe puts it, “think about anything with clarity.”



Next, the other very important thing to do is to put some separation between your desire and allowing it in. You need to pull back, give it a break, give it a rest. Some of my most seemingly complicated manifestations have happened when I pulled back and stopped trying so hard. I now know, without a doubt, that the solution is always on its way, if I can get out of the way.  It’s too late not to care about it, but there are ways to back it down a bit, let go of the struggle.   The solution is there if we can take our attention away from it.  


I know this can be easier said than done. It does require an element of trusting that the Universe has it handled and that the solution is on its way. This perspective DEFINITELY feels much better than focusing on the fact that your desire is STILL NOT THERE. The vibrational difference between feeling that “lack” and trusting that the Universe is delivering it as I take my attention away from it, is huge.  Generally, the best way of refocusing and creating that separation between the asking and the allowing part of the equation, is to focus upon something else that feels much better.  Saying “I’m not going to think about it,” doesn’t generally work because as we are trying to not think about it, we’re thinking about it.  Diverting our attention to something that does feel better or even nice to think about is an approach that works!


So, this strategy not only feels better, feels peaceful, and feels as if you’re doing just what you need to do, but also is raising your vibration, in general. Then, not only will the ISSUE resolve itself but more and more things you’ve been asking for will begin making their way in.  Improving your vibration with respect to one thing that has had you jammed up will cause improvement on every issue.

It’s completely an inside job. So, ask for clarity (generally), and make a decision to do whatever you need to do to take your attention away from the absence of the thing you’re wanting to bring into your life. Distract yourself with other thoughts, notice that you’re feeling more clear as each day goes by, notice how little things are slightly different, and then hugely different.



The resolution of anything is always on its way if we can step back and get out of the way.


I think you can do this! And, then something wonderful is about to happen.





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