There has been much discussion of the 17 second point where your thoughts take on more power and begin to create momentum based on the quality of their vibration. It’s become almost a joke amongst people who are trying to raise their vibration that they realize they’ve got 17 seconds to relate a negative story or 17 seconds to ruminate about something, so they’d better move fast.  Otherwise, they know where they are heading in terms of negative momentum.  And most of us know by now of the 68 second point where those thoughts gain a much more significant amount of momentum, not only to set in motion the power of the Law of Attraction to attract similar thoughts, but also to create visible evidence in your reality. Neither 17 seconds nor 68 seconds is a very long period of time. It can be difficult to even notice our thoughts and the mood or vibration they are creating within that amount of time. That’s why it’s so critical to become as sensitive as possible to our moods, our emotions and the thoughts we’re thinking that are leading to those moods.


Imagine nipping those negative thoughts in the bud a huge percentage of the time, so that you were mostly living in a state of pretty high vibration. How do you think your life would look if you became better and better at turning on a dime and shifting away from thoughts about the things you don’t want in your life? Well, I imagine it would look a whole lot better.  We shouldn’t be too hard on ourselves for not being able to shift easily once we’ve got a bit of negative momentum going. At that point, after sometime between 17 and 68 seconds, the Law of Attraction has kicked in and is attracting all kinds of thoughts that are a match to what we’re thinking. So, it’s going to take an effort, a real commitment, to say, “Hold it, I’m not going there, tempting as it may be.”  I’m not going to call a friend to vent, unless it’s going to be a brief and solution-oriented discussion, or I’m only going to be adding to the pretty substantial momentum that’s now being established by continuing down that road.

The commitment to “I’m not letting myself go down that path,” really needs to be your most important commitment to yourself and your quality of life. In the opening lesson of my book, “How to Allow,” I stress that commitment in a big way, because I know it is the most important tool you have in your arsenal, among all of the wonderful tools that are available to help you ramp up your vibration. In that lesson, I ask that you make a commitment, in writing (writing always helps to solidify things in your consciousness) that you will choose the best thoughts you can whenever you can. I ask that you not just say that you’ll “try to” choose the best thoughts you can but that you will choose the best thoughts you are capable of whenever you become aware of negative thinking. Saying that you will “try to” think better thoughts is much like trying to quit smoking, lose weight, or change a habit, and there is a huge difference in saying “I am going to do that” or “I am going to try to do that. And, the Universe picks up on your resolve. By the way, the Universe is not listening to your actual words, but the meaning emitted by your vibration. So, when the Universe feels you committing to finding the best thoughts possible whenever you can, all sorts of help is coming in to support you in doing just that. And, that’s a worthwhile thing to be aware of.

The creation of momentum (the power of the vibration emitting from us) is what determines how quickly things we think about show up in our physical world. The things we think about are created immediately in our vibrational vortex (which we own) but the speed at which we see concrete evidence in our physical reality is a function of the purity of our vibration and the amount of air time we’re giving our thoughts.

What has struck me recently in my own life and in talking with some clients, is something that I think is worth considering when we work on creating a more powerful positive momentum. Many of us have “big ideas,” larger than life things we want to create. Often it’s lots of money, or a fabulous work of some kind, or a wonderful romantic relationship. The sky really is the limit. What I’ve noticed is that sometimes we are so fixated, mostly in a very positive way on this “big idea,” that we think that the manifestation of the big idea is going to solve all of our other problems. And, in some very practical ways it just might. Creating a fabulous work of some kind will likely lead to fabulous financial abundance as well and that will likely lead to the cleaning up of all sorts of circumstances that are unwanted in our lives. Money, while only energy like everything else, can help a great deal in this society we’ve created. And, a great romantic relationship can lead to incredible happiness and more security and companionship, at least most of the time. It would seem that would solve lots of other unrelated problems.       Unknown-2

But what I think is important to consider is that if we view this “big desire” that makes our heart sing as a solution to all of the other issues in our life, we might actually be slowing down the creation of that big desire.

By thinking of our big desire as a solution to all of our “issues,” we’d be undermining the purity of that big desire by linking it to lots of things that aren’t carrying such a pure vibration. It is as if the big dream is a beautiful hot air balloon and it’s likely that when that balloon goes off the ground all sorts of small and large problems are going to become insignificant from our view from the sky. But, before the hot air balloon can fully launch, those sand bags of issues that it may or may not also solve for us, have to be released in some way, that is, not so attached to our wonderful hot air balloon. They are literally weighing it down.

If you think you might be engaging in this kind of thinking about your biggest desire and assuming it will solve everything, you might want to give it a little relief by coming to better terms with those unfulfilled desires and separating them from your thoughts about your big desire.  It’s a fine line, I admit it. You want to focus with great enthusiasm, if you can without having thoughts of lack, on your big desire, and it certainly enters your mind that it will help you in many ways because it’s just such a cool desire. I’m just suggesting to give it more room and more freedom. Focus on it purely, why you want it, why you love it, how proud you will be when it manifests.   Delegate some of the smaller problem issues to the Universe or, at least, don’t give them much thought.  And, really try not to think of the fulfillment of your big desire as taking care of every problem in your life.  It may, but it doesn’t need that baggage if it’s going to manifest soon in a big way.

Suddenly, I’m picturing lots of people flying in their hot air balloons right now. I’m half expecting to see some flying over my neighborhood anytime now. We can do this!!




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