If you’re one of those Subscribers who has already read “How to Allow,” the course and e-book, you know that the roadmap laid out in the course is leading you to being lined up vibrationally with the things that you want to attract into your life.  The spiritual teachers Abraham call it your vibrational escrow; Infinite Intelligence has already created the things you’ve asked for and those things are sitting there, waiting for you, in your escrow.  It is really so cool to know that the Universe goes to work to create what you want every time you think about what you’d like to improve in your life.

Being a match to your desires means moving your vibration, gradually, higher and higher, by thinking better thoughts, spending your time in more joyful ways, making peace with where you are and being grateful for what you have right now.  In “How to Allow,” I call the place where we’re shooting for the Field of Appreciation.  The emotion of Appreciation is equivalent to the feeling of pure love.  It’s the highest vibration that exists.  When you think about someone or something you really love, there is just nothing quite like it.  And, if we could all stay focused on that quality of thought most of the time we would indeed be attracting everything we want into our lives.

What is Appreciation exactly?  The dictionary defines Appreciation as, among other things, a clear perception of the value or qualities of things.  While Appreciation is often equated with gratitude, I’d like to distinguish a bit between the two as vibrationally, they are at two different levels.  While similar, gratitude involves a feeling of thankfulness; all good, of course.  Although the thankfulness aspect implies a certain quality of being removed from the thing that you’re grateful for, and also that you are thankful to someone or something else for the object of your gratitude.  There’s nothing wrong with that,  and we could all stand to practice a little more gratitude.

I’d like to suggest that ramping up to a full-fledged feeling of Appreciation is where we’d ultimately like to be.  Reaching a state of Appreciation is taking yourself up to that level where you feel a tingle of delight and pleasure and something very close to pure love, which is Who We Really Are.  So, everything in “How to Allow” is designed to take you through the emotional journey to where it becomes easier and easier to enter that field of pure Appreciation for:  what you have, where you are, what will be and even what brought you here.  That’s where miracles happen, where time collapses leading to a change in consciousness, which creates something better than what could have been from your lower vibration.

We’ve learned that problems can’t be solved from the same consciousness that created them and that’s where entering your vortex, vibrational escrow or the Field of Appreciation comes in. When you think of it that way, there is just one way to go, isn’t there?  Appreciate, appreciate, appreciate!   And then it just gets better and better and better.  On that note, I’d like to appreciate the clients who have been so kind and appreciative of me and “How to Allow” and the blog posts I’ve put my heart into.  You make it so worthwhile and you are so appreciated.  There is nothing better than opening an e-mail to see that someone has made a change, especially a big change for the better after reading “How to Allow.”

I appreciate your taking the time and making the effort to let me know that “How to Allow,” is making a difference in your life.  Please keep the feedback coming.  You’re pushing me right into my Field of Appreciation!

From some of my readers and clients:

“Thank you so much Susan!  Your book has been a blessing in my life.  I really appreciate your support and guidance!”

“You wouldn’t believe some of the changes that have happened since I started reading your book.  One of my friends asked what happened to me, did I win the lottery or something? I haven’t even finished it yet and can’t wait to see what happens next.”

“ I want to tell you that “How to Allow” is really making a difference.  Not long after I purchased it, I also purchased some CD programs by Abraham-Hicks.  I really did not consciously know how the overlap would be so empowering.  For years, I’ve been a believer in the Law of Attraction.  I now understand two more laws–the Law of Deliberate Creation and the Law of Allowing.  Your book has helped me so much with regard to Allowing.  I did not understand the long-programmed resistances inside me.  I’m still dealing with them, but much more productively now.

Again, thank you; and bless you.”

“We’re very much in love with all that you are bringing together and all that you are wanting to offer and really if we could materialize we would sit next to you and we would just want to go through your book and read every single line and say, ‘oh we really love this one … and this one’ because of the delight that is inherent in what you have written.”  Communion of Light via Frank Butterfield

“This book actually is the “tool” that helped me really know the real way of putting it out there! to the universe….. way cool….
I am currently dating a very gentle, smart, caring person, just the way I had hoped for….. and that, only time will tell, but so far the “best” match for the desires of the heart!  So, it really works, and, I am, will encourage anyone to combine the movie and your book to get a full understanding of what is bigger than all of us!! I am not religious, but here is something that does not have to involve a church or a place of worship, it’ s simply all around us, to use all the time, it really makes me smile, just the thought of it!  Thanks for writing this book Susan.  It has changed my life and I will better the lives of others by sharing what I have learned.”

“Your book is brilliant.  You need to get it out there.”

“I’ve already made some great changes in my life and feel much happier.”

“You are a great messenger for what you are teaching.”

“I am sooooo loving the book and have sent out to 7 or 8 friends whom I think would enjoy and benefit.”

“Just started your book and I love it.  Look forward to reading more.”

“I wanted to let you know I’ve been able to read the beginning of your book and have really been enjoying it.  I have had some really good things happening with promotions at work.  I feel as if some of it came along after reading and thinking about your work.  I also think some of it had to do with expressing myself and tackling some conflict; then the Universe gave and gave some more.  Just wanted to pass this on!

By the way, this week I received a raise (related to my future work with the promotion) that I did not ask for on top of this recent promotion… very interesting .”

“I read your book.  Fantastic.  I am so immersed in this kind of thinking ….. and your book is so accessible…. I recommended the book today to my Wednesday morning class.”

“Your book is fabulous.”

“I loved the book.  I’m using the tools.  You are an inspiration and I am really glad I have been able to get to know you better.”

“Today was the first day I KNEW your process works .   .    . I just want to thank you for helping me get on the track of allowing.  You truly are a blessing in my life right now!”



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