One of my favorite guilty pleasures is the television show “Chuck.”  Chuck is a “Nerd Herd,” aka “Geek Squad” member, working at an electronics store who has been called in to help the CIA because he possesses the capability to identify the bad guys by “flashing on them.”  No, not “flashing them,” but using his focus to see exactly who they are and what they’ve done. The show is funny, has a love story, always has a happy ending, and action that doesn’t leave you begging for mercy.

Sarah, Chuck’s love interest and a real CIA spy, has been trained to kill when necessary to protect state secrets, loves Chuck as the person he really is, someone who is incapable of killing someone, having a certain innocence.   When she thinks, based on faulty information, that Chuck has killed someone in the line of duty, she fears that he is no longer the Chuck she has come to love.  She later learns that Chuck actually couldn’t pull the trigger and that another spy performed the dirty work.   She realizes, with great relief, that he will “always be that guy,” the one who is the nerdish computer geek who has inadvertently become a spy, but who will never be able to kill, even in the line of duty.

The line “He’ll always be that guy,” reminded me of how the best thing we can do for other people in our lives is to see them the way they Really Are.  Especially with people we care about, those closest to us, we can get trained into focusing on their worst characteristics, the things that drive us crazy.  We think that if we only could change those flaws, then everything would be right in our world.  But, knowing what we know about how the Law of Attraction works, focusing on those characteristics is a surefire way to make sure that those annoying behaviors keep appearing for us.

What we can do, both to make ourselves feel better and to uplift the people we care about, is to “turn the other cheek,” realizing that they are only operating that way because they are out of alignment.  Who They Really Are is Divine Beings with all of those positive aspects that attracted you to them in the first place.  By focusing on those positive aspects, you’ll begin to attract only the best parts of that person in your life.  The crazy making behavior will show up for someone else perhaps, but not you.  It’s the best thing you can do for yourself and honors your commitment to making feeling good your highest priority.  It’s also the best thing you can do for them and causes them to rise to the occasion when they’re with you.  When you are in alignment and focusing on their best characteristics, you’re operating as a laser beam for them, attracting their highest and best self.

One thing that can work amazingly well when you’ve gotten into the habit of focusing on the negative aspects of an important person in your life, is to create a default laundry list of some of the wonderful things about them or things they’ve done in the past that make you remember your love for them.  It’s a great way of getting back into your vortex!

It always improves my mood, and the negative incident doesn’t get bigger.  By re-training myself to focus on the best aspects of the important people in my life, I’m changing the dynamics of my relationships.  Better and better aspects of everyone are showing up for me.

Why don’t you see if you can’t create a list of the very best things about the important people in your life.  Memorize it and keep it handy as your “default mode,” when it’s tempting to make matters worse by spiraling into more anger and negativity.

I’d love to hear about the results you have when you try this technique.  I think you’ll be amazed!

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