I’ll admit right away that the title is a bit of a teaser.  It’s not that Action is unimportant.  It is.  But it is far less important than Alignment, that is, maintaining your good vibration.

As for Action, we are not here in this physical environment that we chose to live in to do nothing, to sit on our couch waiting for things to happen.  Although a brief time of sitting on our couch and meditating and releasing the resistance we’ve been carrying around is one of the more productive things we can do.

If there is one thing I know for sure and would shout from the rooftops to everyone who wants to create something new in their lives it would be “Get into Alignment before you take Action.”

I’ve seen the results of operating with and without Alignment so many times that the evidence is irrefutable.  But, if you’d like additional confirmation thrown into the mix, A-Hicks has said:

Take the time to line up the Energy first, and action becomes inconsequential. If you don’t take the time to line up the Energy, if you don’t find the feeling place of what you’re looking for, not enough action in the world will make any difference.  

If the notion of taking some time to get yourself into a better feeling place before you send the important email, make the anticipated phone call, or start looking for a new job feels like something you don’t have time for, you might want to consider the leverage you gain by getting into Alignment first.

You may be aware that 17 seconds of pure positive thought is worth about 2000 hours of action taken. And, 68 seconds is worth about 2,000,000 hours of effort!  If you can really get a handle on the power of your positive focus and believe in it, there is no way you would not find the time to stop for 68 seconds or more several times a day to think about things you Appreciate or visualize a positive outcome to a situation in your life you’d like to improve.

Being in Alignment matters whether your next possible Action is what you’d consider large or small.  Each Action we take is either movement along our pathway to what we want to manifest or a detour that slows the manifestation down.

When we are lined up with the positive aspects of what we have and what we want, veritable miracles happen.  The energy that surrounds us, the field around us is so much more powerful than any Actions we might take that feel like “pounding the pavement” or “grinding it out” or “pushing through it.”  When we make an effort to raise our vibration so that we are in the vicinity of our desires, we don’t have to push through it.  It becomes easier. Small and large things show up that are the obvious next steps.  And, they are often unexpected.

Action that we take after lining up our energy by Appreciating what we have as well as the things we want to create is inspired action, not drudgery.  It feels good.  Appreciation is an emotion that is equal to a vibration of love and joy!  And, Action taken from that platform of Appreciation is hugely important and part of creating the joyful lives that we deserve.

Begin your day with Appreciation, pause often to look for more things to Appreciate, take any inspired Action that feels in Alignment with your desires, and then expect the unexpected.

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