I think we all could use a little more “easy” in our lives.  We’ve been through a pretty challenging stretch.  There has been lots of loss and lots of adjusting.  While there have been some positive developments as a result of some of the changes we felt were forced upon us, many of us are still feeling some of the effects that weren’t so wonderful and using lots of effort to get ourselves back to a better place.

I don’t know anyone who has felt that this adjustment has not been difficult.  We know that working with the energy that creates worlds is meant to be easy.  Our mission in this life is to use that readily available energy to create what WE want.  The process is not meant to be like pushing a boulder up a mountain.

It is more like relaxing into a feeling of “all is well,” or “things are beginning to go well,” and allowing the Universe to deliver to us all of the things we’ve been accumulating in our vibrational escrows throughout our lives.

After the pretty tumultuous period we’ve experienced and are still experiencing, most of us are looking for a break, we are wanting things to be easier.  The feeling of struggle feels unnatural and it feels like it’s time to flip the switch and begin to allow more of the things we want into our lives NOW.

I love to have some “go-to” tools that I can use to ramp up my vibration, to feel better, especially if they are EASY. While some situations might call for more in-depth exploration and effort, there are things we can do on a daily basis that can turn the tides in our direction.  And, then those bigger “situations” requiring more of a deep dive don’t occur as often either.

If these tools seem too simple and like “how could that possibly work?” sorry but they actually do.

Try these and notice everything that begins to show up that is a bit different than usual.  Take note of any of those positive changes and milk them, appreciate them, and let the Universe deliver even more!  When you milk your victories and appreciate the support of the Universe it responds with, “Oh you like that?  Here’s some more!”


First, each day close your eyes and focus on your breathing while intending to go higher than you have ever gone before in your vibration.  Believe it.  Do it just once each day and you will get better and better at it and your default vibe will rise.  Your life will begin to improve as your vibe rises and becomes consistently higher. 



Second, as you go through your day and you’re trying to find a better perspective or approach to whatever you are doing or thinking about, continue to ask yourself “What is it that I do want?”  Easy, right?  You’ve immediately shifted from focusing on something that has your attention that isn’t creating a great vibration to giving your attention to the thing that you would prefer, which has a high vibration.  Easy, right?  Again, like the other process, this tool will raise your default vibe and your point of attraction.  A-Hicks suggests that the application of this process will yield “wonderful results in only a few days.”


I think we’ve all earned a bit more ease in our lives and it’s awesome that neither of these tools requires any “work.”  They actually cause you to feel better when you use them.  And, isn’t that the point of this deliberate creation business anyway?  Let’s feel better now.


I would love to hear from you in the comments section as you begin to notice the positive changes that are a natural result of these two very easy practices.


You can also reach me at susan@howtoallow.net






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