I was lucky to stumble upon some great wisdom in one of the forums from the teacher known as Bashar and his words so hit the mark on the topics we’ve been discussing in recent blog posts, that I thought they deserved our focus!

His comments, similar to what Abraham has suggested, have much to offer regarding both the idea of going from “Impatience to Eagerness” about our upcoming creations, as well as creating a state of Appreciation for what we have right now while we’re “waiting” for our creation.

There is naturally a time lag (which can be short or long) between the time we come up with a new desire and the moment the desire becomes a physical reality in our experience.  Most of us choose to experience that time lag as a “waiting period,” while we patiently try to wait for our creation to manifest. 

As Bashar pointed out, our time lag can be really just another part of our excitement, part of our story as our desire is being created.  As long as we view it as a “waiting period,” we could be waiting for quite awhile.  On the other hand, if we view it as part of the excitement as we look forward eagerly to how the Universe is going to surprise us with the manifestation of our desire, we’re not likely to be doing a lot of waiting.

In his words, and I am paraphrasing a bit, “Whatever you’re experiencing can be a piece, a part of that excitement, not just a waiting period, a stepping stone to that excitement.  Don’t wait.  Love what is going on while you’re “waiting.”  If instead of excitement, you’re experiencing fear, for example, while you’re waiting, you’re incapable of receiving the information through your inspiration, which will allow you to manifest your desire.  Use your curiosity and imagination to figure out how that can be so, and you will experience this time frame as exciting as anything, and when you stop waiting for something to happen, it happens.”   

In other words, there’s no waiting in excitement.  I know this may not be the easiest thing to pull off, especially when it’s something you really, really want, but we do have our imaginations and our ability to focus with appreciation on what’s happening in the meantime.  It’s really the only way to go.  It’s funny, but in one of the Abraham forums today, a great thread got kicked off on manifesting money for everyone participating and as the day has gone on there have been lots of great comments as well as some surprise results already!  Now, that’s a perfect example of enjoying the process of creation rather than viewing it as a waiting period.

I’m sure we can think of some more ways of generating that kind of enthusiasm and excitement, which is so much more fun than feeling anxious and impatient as we “wait” for things to come into our experience.  And, creating that vibration of eagerness and excitement opens the doors where we are able to receive the inspiration and cooperation for our dreams to manifest.

I can’t wait to see how the Universe delivers as I dedicate myself to being in a state of excitement about what’s coming and lose the impatience and angst.  Let me know how it works for you!

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