I hope this idea seems ridiculously simple, at least on its surface. But, I’d like to explain how really focusing on this concept can also be powerful.   If you know how energy works and are Law of Attraction-savvy, this should be something you already know and understand.   So, just give me a sec because I would like to explain how there can be “knowing” something and then there can be “KNOWING” something.


So sometimes we feel like we know something and then later we KNOW IT.  We may have read it before, heard it before, even shared it with others before, and we felt like we knew it and understood it.  Yet, a moment can arise when somehow we just go a little deeper with the concept and it feels like, “I’ve always known this but now . . . .well, holy _____.”  Something about the way I’m now thinking about this feels different!


These aha moments often come as more of a feeling than mere words, although sometimes the words pop up as well.


So, we do know that our thoughts create our reality.  We know that we ask for things by just thinking about what we’d like and the Universe responds by pulling all of the pieces together for us.  We know that our desires exist in a vibrational escrow waiting for us to be in vibrational alignment with them.  So, we need to be a match to the vibe of our desires before we can have them.  And, when we raise our frequency to their level, they flow into our lives.


The big variable in all of this, of course, is us.  Can we or will we make the effort to raise our vibration to match our desires?  We generally have the best intentions to think the best thoughts we can think and to adopt a perspective about our circumstances that keeps us on the pathway to our manifestations.

As we know this, and practice this, sometimes we manifest amazing things or even smaller things quickly and easily.  And, then there are other desires, major and minor, that continue to elude us for what seems like an eternity.  Those “wants’ feel like they may never happen.


So, it seems logical that somehow the thoughts we are thinking about the things that have failed to show up are somehow not aligned with the reality of us having them in our lives now.  And, the only logical conclusion seems to be that we must be engaging in sloppy thinking.  (Please don’t beat yourself up for that; you’re not alone).


We can use rituals to get ourselves into the zone and clean up our vibration.  They’re important and effective.  We all need some “go-to” strategies.  But, sometimes it’s more a matter of awareness of how we are really thinking that is the missing link in manifesting what we want.


Now, this should sound ridiculously simple but, if it’s the right time for you to hear this in this particular way, it may help you to totally change your manifesting game.


I’ve noticed myself a few times recently just thinking about random unimportant things, maybe before falling asleep or meditating.  Those little random thoughts I was having weren’t even about specific things I want or nagging problems.  They were just random thoughts about really pretty inconsequential and irrelevant things to think about.  In each case, the thoughts were just so unnecessary and somehow still managed to create emotions in me that were not high on the emotional scale.


And, then it hit me I do not have to think these thoughts I don’t have to do this anymore.  Um, it seems pretty obvious but also caused me to stop in my tracks.  I realized that I was just allowing those unhelpful and pretty irrelevant thoughts to just keep running through my mind.  It almost felt like those thoughts were running the show and I was a willing victim, just letting them go wherever they wanted.


As well as I know the importance of thinking the best thoughts available, whenever possible, it really hit me that maybe this doesn’t need to be this big deal any longer.  I DON’T HAVE TO LET THESE THOUGHTS HAVE THEIR WAY.  I’m in charge here.  Why am I just letting these random thoughts fill my head and actually cause me to feel on the lower end of the emotional scale?  They aren’t helping me in any way, helping me to solve anything, and not leading to better thoughts.  They’re just causing me to feel blah rather than happy.


Because these thoughts, in particular, weren’t powerfully attached to something that I really cared about, letting go of them was just easy, really easy.  It was as if the ridiculousness of thinking of random unhelpful things became so obvious for perhaps the first time ever.  It was like I knew but now I KNOW that I absolutely have control over my thoughts and my circumstances.  There is always an opportunity to shift gears, find something fun to think about, something to appreciate.


I admit that I was a bit surprised to realize that those random unhelpful thoughts that are serving no useful purpose are present more often than I had thought.  I was also surprised that it was such a revelation that I just don’t have to play that game.  It just requires more awareness, more attention to how I’m thinking.  Why would I want to squander the energy of the universe that is totally available to me by being sloppy about my thinking?


I knew this before but now I KNOW IT.  We are not our thoughts.  They are not thinking us.  We can change our whole mindset and what we are allowing by just a little bit more awareness and effort to remind ourselves that we don’t have to do that anymore.


Energy has shifted and is flowing more quickly than ever before.  We are receiving more assistance from the Universe and our helpers.  The epiphany I experienced, which seemed so basic, that I just don’t have to think those unhelpful thoughts, that I have total control, feels like a thought and belief that is in alignment with this new energy.  And, it feels like more ease and speedier manifestations.  It feels like KNOWING.

Of course, I do appreciate that there are other situations where we have a loop of thoughts on a particular problem or issue going through our heads and that can take a bit more effort to shift out of and release.   I’m getting better and better at using my handy checklist for releasing negative thoughts.  It’s in my new book, You’re Not Stuck–Let the Law of Attraction Allow Life to Happen for You and Start Living an Awesome Life.    Lots of people have shared that they’ve found it amazingly helpful in realizing how they are really thinking and for releasing pesky distorted thinking.


If you’d like some help in letting go of thoughts that are sabotaging your ability to manifest what you want, I can help with that.  You can reach me at susan@howtoallow.net




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