If we are intent on taking control of creating our own circumstances, we can help ourselves by taking a closer look at our expectations.

Taking charge of our “expectations” can be the difference between remaining right where we are and allowing in the things we’ve been waiting for.  But, how do we expect something that hasn’t manifested yet?  Stay tuned because it’s not as difficult as you might think and it’s a game-changing move.

While focusing upon something that we really desire can put us in that sweet spot where we have raised our vibration and are feeling good, in alignment, often when we focus upon the desire that we don’t have yet, we aren’t exactly in that sweet spot.

What often happens is that despite all of our efforts to focus positively on our desires, we are actually far more focused upon our current circumstances and the crevasse between where we are and what we’re waiting for.

It seems subtle, especially when we’re reciting affirmations, making vision boards, focusing on our desires often, but the Universe is picking up on what we are really projecting with our vibration.  And, it’s usually “I really really want that but I don’t have it yet.”  And, the Universe responds with “Yes, you don’t have it yet.  Here’s more of that”  That doesn’t mean we will never manifest our desire but we are definitely not on a fast track and we can feel trapped where we are rather than feeling that we can create our own lives in just the way we want.

Abraham recently had a perfect discussion of how we can expect something that hasn’t manifested yet.  It’s a more finely-tuned view of the concept of “expectation,” and it’s easy to grasp and apply, especially when we know that it’s where the magic is unleashed.

Having an “expectation” that is helpful doesn’t mean that we’re thinking about our desire and talking about it it all of the time.  Yet, we’re not “talking against it” either.

The light-touch approach of having a desire combined with a belief in our ability to create it is the optimal expectation.  This is where we can create the magic that results in our desire just showing up in our lives, often without any huge effort.  This is going with the flow of our desires.  There’s more but it’s actually easy and feels better than the huge effort we sometimes think is required.

Abraham suggests that we have to notice a bit less what’s been happening, and put “what is” where it belongs in the past tense category. ” What is” no longer matters because it no longer needs to be the active vibration.  We created “what is” with our prior vibration.  Instead, what’s wanted can be the active vibration.  How do you get yourself to focus forward instead of backward when “what is” is so compelling?

Something else has to be equally compelling.  You want to be feeling so clear in your mind that you know exactly what you’re doing.  Your reality is the platform you bounce off of but if you let it be what you’re giving your undivided attention to it will keep you from moving forward.

You might want to commit that improved definition of your current reality to memory.  It’s the platform that you bounce off of.  It’s not somewhere where you are stuck or need to fight against.  In fact, the more you can accept that it’s just a platform for moving forward, the more quickly you are no longer a vibrational match to the current reality that you no longer prefer. 

Abraham suggests that you continually ask yourself “what’s the feeling I’m reaching for?”  The beauty of that question is that it is resistance-free, it doesn’t require that you be clear on how you’re going to manifest your desire and it doesn’t rehash any drama that may be remaining from the past.  It’s forward-focused and it’s based solely upon creating a feeling, which is what manifesting our desires is all about anyway.  We only want to create things in our lives because we want to feel a certain way, experience a certain emotion.  Identify the feeling you want and then focus forward on what can now become more attractive, more compelling.

So, something else has to be more compelling than “what is” right now.  We need to look around us for things that feel good, things that create some inspiration, some sense of peace, enjoyment, satisfaction.  They don’t need to be “big.”  Engaging in things that make us feel better than we were feeling is moving us into that place where our vibration is rising to the level of the things we want to create.  And, it’s a more joyful journey; it’s more fun, it’s easier and it’s a direct path.  It leads to having the knowledge that we are on the pathway to our desires and that knowing causes us to expect and believe that we will have just what we want in our lives.  That’s the state of “expectation” that leads to becoming very very good at creating deliberately.

What could you do or think today that would be more compelling than thinking about the way things are now?  Just do it!


If you’d like any support with creating a more compelling focus I’m available to help.  You can reach me at susan@howtoallow.net or www.howtoallow.net where you can learn about law of attraction-based life coaching.



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