Do you ever find yourself in a bit of a “mood,” as in, “#=+, I’ve  ____ing had it?  As an optimistic person and a very good life coach, I NEVER allow myself to get to that place. Riiiiiight!


Those “being beside yourself” moods are just going to happen sometimes.  They are part of seeing what we don’t want and making a decision to create what we do want instead.  If not for the frustration or even going off the rails, as I did a few days ago, we wouldn’t get the new and better version of what we actually want.


So, I’m admitting that, like everyone else, I can feel like I’m going to blow through the roof when something VERY annoying happens.  Yet, I’ve changed the way I handle it and I know this approach will work for you too.


  • Step 1:  Acknowledge that it’s absolutely okay to get discouraged or frustrated or angry.  I’m going to suggest that it can even be productive.

    Even if you’ve been maintaining a pretty good mood, a decent vibration, things happen.  Don’t immediately think, “What in my vibration caused this?”  I know that advice goes against what many of us know about the Law of Attraction, that our realities are a reflection of the thoughts and images in our heads.  Yes, that is absolutely true.  Yet, sometimes, while we’ve been busy managing our vibration we’ve actually created some bigger and better things that are out there, waiting for us, but we’re not quite a match to them yet.   We are actually moving forward and there is a much bigger plan at work.  And, that really annoying thing that happened is actually enormously helpful in taking us into that bigger and better place where the good stuff is waiting for us.



  • Step 2:  Pat yourself on the back for noticing your mood and deciding to handle it in a more productive way than you have in the past.



  • Step 3:  Okay, you’ve patted yourself on the back, let’s don’t get carried away with that!  Well, you can bask in that a bit longer if you really want to.



  • Step 4:  Allow yourself to feel how you REALLY FEEL. Don’t bury it, try to cancel your negative thoughts, or refuse to acknowledge that you feel that way.  When you allow yourself to fully feel the emotion on purpose, you’re not attracting more of the same garbage that matches your vibration of frustration. You’re taking charge.



  • Step 5:  Acknowledge that your Inner Being doesn’t agree with the way you’re viewing the situation or you wouldn’t feel so crappy about it.  Yep, it’s frustrating, but your Inner Being knows there are hidden benefits that you haven’t seen yet.



  • Step 6:  Now that you’re thinking about the silver lining that is just waiting for you, decide that you can move out of that murky vibration.  Do what you need to do to feel better. 


One of my best “go to” moves is scanning through my Evidence Journal.  It’s a journal I add to every day where I make it a point to notice the good things that have shown up for me.  Another must for me is using the Daily Tool from How to Allow.  It actually never fails to help me to shift gears into the direction I’d rather be going.  I also often do a great vibe raising exercise, which involves reminding yourself of the times when you felt like you performed amazingly, times when you were proud of yourself.  There are a few more steps to it, but it works like a charm; it never fails.  I can’t recommend these moves highly enough.


Now that you’ve gone through these steps and taken your power back, decide to be solution oriented. If the thing that is bothering you can be resolved by some inspired action, take it.  If there are things beyond your control at the moment, decide to put it on the back burner, forget about it until you can take some inspired action.  Distract yourself from it, if necessary, until the timing is right.  That is sometimes the best solution if you are having an “all hands on deck” situation.


What not to do:


In a case where you are still feeling out of alignment and need to possibly repeat the steps above to keep working it, do not take any action to try to fix the situation that has you in a state of frustration, anger, or resentment.  Any attempts to “fix it” from that place are not going to go well.  Don’t email anyone, call anyone, attempt to fix the thing that’s going wrong from that low vibration.  You’ll just get more of the same.  The situation will not change.  It might get even worse.  I’ve taken action when I was super annoyed and have found that I usually just break something, cause a computer glitch, or add something new to my list of annoyances.


But …….. drumroll . . . . .


Just this week, I  took all of the recommended steps above to get myself out of a certain “MOOD” and it worked magically.  I won’t reveal the situation, in order to protect the not-so-innocent, but once I fully felt my anger on purpose, acknowledged that it was not in alignment with the way my Inner Being saw it,  used my “go-to” moves, let it go, and decided to focus upon the solution, what happened was pure magic.  I didn’t take action immediately.  I allowed myself to solidify that improved vibration.  And then I was able to do something that I would not have thought I had the ability to do. I solved the “issue.”  And, it was easy. So easy.


The best part of all of this is that, when you take this approach, you’ve reclaimed your power, you’ve taken charge of your perspective, your approach, and you’ve upgraded your default vibration.  Your victory feels amazing.


I know that it is often suggested that we can get so good at consciously creating our lives that we actually appreciate the contrast, the missteps.  I think I can now say, maybe for the first time ever, that I’m very close to appreciating the contrast when it happens.  It only means that bigger and better is coming and it’s just helping me to sharpen my skills at manifesting what I actually do want.


From this viewpoint, it feels like anything is possible, and it is.



Hey, if you’d like some support in taking this approach to whatever is not working in your life, to make big changes, I’d love to share my vibe raising rituals with you in more depth.  I love nothing more than helping others to make big changes.  It’s magical.  We’re all in this together.  You can reach me at  Also, feel free to share any comments on this post.







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