I know most of you savvy creators are wondering why I would even ask that trick question. It’s becoming pretty well established that our purpose in this life is to create our own circumstances and to feel good in the process. And, most of us know by now that we are creating those new situations by the thoughts we think, our beliefs (sometimes unconscious) and our expectations for ourselves. We are also acknowledging, for the most part, that we cannot create improvement in our lives with a low vibration, that is, negative emotion. Our vibration, the feelings we’re emitting, must be a match to our desires if we are to Allow them into our lives. This is pretty basic Law of Attraction stuff. And, most of us know, even if we aren’t aware of it all of the time, that the things we desire, that we want to create, our incredible goals, are all there because we think we will feel good, or even better, when we have them. Whether we think feeling better means having a huge bank account, a loving relationship, good friends, time with our families, doing great work, it is all about giving ourselves a reason to feel better.  Unknown

In my book, “How to Allow,” I refer to this as sometimes the Catch-22 of being deliberate creators. We want what we want in order to feel better and we think we can only feel better when we get it. Yet, unless we feel better before we get it, we won’t get it. Seems almost impossible to pull off but clearly it’s not, as many of us are creating amazing things in our lives, some more than others, and some of us inconsistently, but it happens. We do get ourselves to that place that is a match to our desires sometimes, and our desires do manifest into our lives.  The deck is stacked in our favor in this Universe where Well-Being is predominant.

I mentioned in one recent post that I really feel that positive energy, which is a match to our desires, is moving a lot more quickly than it was even a couple of years ago. Many, many more people are aware, more people are evolving and expanding, and there’s actually much more positive energy to link up with than before. We are often not even thinking original thoughts, but matching up to thoughts that are “out there.”  And, there are more people out there getting this stuff, with whom we can rendezvous, by linking up with positive thoughts or attracting them into our lives.

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This is such a good thing because it makes life easier and manifestations happen more quickly, but also because that murky negative, bad feeling energy doesn’t create in our physical lives nearly as quickly. We still have plenty of time to realize that we’re out of alignment, not very high on the emotional scale, and make an adjustment.  It helps me immensely to remember this when I find myself in a funk. It does not feel good at all.  Just gotta get out of the funk. Don’t panic, just move yourself gradually out of it and there are lots of ways of doing that, which I make it a practice of doing and teaching.

But, it’s pretty clear that most of us are much more obsessed with our own goals, our projects, the things we want to bring into our lives, than the thought of feeling good. Of course, we want to feel good. It’s just that most of our thoughts, and accompanying emotions, are focused upon GETTING TH0SE DESIRES, AND GETTING THEM AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

So, why my question about the importance of feeling good?   I’m only calling it a trick question because by now it should be so obvious to all of us (and I throw myself into that category), that we need to sometimes let the goal-oriented focus simmer down a bit. I’m not suggesting that we abandon our goals. They are what get us out of bed in the morning and sometimes, only sometimes, the very act of focusing upon them does evoke that good feeling vibe we’re hoping to create.  It’s a great feeling to know that we are moving toward our goals.

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What I am suggesting, however, and what I’ve had an epiphany about recently, is that we can sometimes completely focus upon feeling good, and remove our focus from everything else. I admit, I have not been able to do that very often in the past. Mostly, I would be thinking that I need to move up the emotional scale or I’m going to stay right where I am and my desires are NOT coming into my life. Yet, things are changing. I have found myself in that zone, the sweet spot, the place where you just feel like you are invincible, can do or have anything. You’re listening to good music, dancing in your car, lyao over a funny video you saw on FB, spending time with someone you love, doing something for someone else that just feels so good to do, and suddenly this momentum has been created where the seas are parting for you. You’re finding the perfect parking space in a crowded shopping center, right in front of the store you’re heading for, people you don’t know are complementing you on our clothes, strangers are telling you you’re a breath of fresh air, people are contacting you from “out of the blue” that are just so good to connect with. People are doing nice things for you and those things are not what you would have expected before.  It almost feels crazy, in a good way, otherworldly.

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The point of this brief rampage of appreciation, is that when you have a day, or an afternoon like that, you realize again what it’s like to feel that invincibility, that happiness, just because you feel good. Nothing big has happened, yet you just feel amazing. It just feels soooo good. When you are able to get yourself into that place, absent any great news or accomplishments, you can separate the goal of feeling good for its own sake from the objective of feeling good in order to allow in your desires. You now have created this memory of feeling good for absolutely no apparent reason, and you can remind yourself of just how good it feels and how you’d like to go back there again, only for the purpose of feeling like that.  It’s magical.

And, that’s what I’m finally able to embrace for its own sake, that separation of feeling good just to feel good from “I’ve got to move myself up the emotional scale to get what I want, to change my circumstances for the better.”  And, the most magnificent part of this, besides just feeling great more and more of the time, is that feeling good without strings attached, causes those goals, which you do deserve and are very worthy of, to come into your life much more quickly. When you’re trying to feel good with a purpose (deliberate creation of your goals), that’s great, yet it’s not nearly as pure a vibration as feeling good because it just feels good. While that positive purpose-oriented focus can be powerful, it’s usually tinged with the fact you don’t actually have what you want yet.  So, the energy is vibrating a bit less rapidly than that pure vibe of feeling good for the sake of feeling good, period.  Feeling good does not have to be on the subject of your goals to bring those goals into your life.  And when you create that pure vibe of just feeling it, loving what you are feeling or doing, those things that you want are moving at warp speed into your life.  Have to throw this in, as I just had the thought, “I love writing about this.”  Okay, that’s an example of just feeling good for the sheer joy of it.  And, I want to feel that way more and more often!

So, is it possible to separate feeling good for it’s own sake from trying to create what you want in your life? Absolutely, yes!  And, the more you can just relax into feeling good, by doing whatever feels good to you, leaving everyone else out of it, the more you are becoming a master of deliberate creation. And, you will be one of those people that everyone is wondering about. “Hey, what happened to him? What happened to her? It’s like every door opens for them before they ask. They are getting just what they want. They have such fun lives.” And, you do.

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