Feeling annoyed is not one of our finest emotional states.  It’s not catastrophic but we generally don’t want to hang out in annoyance for an extended period.  There are worse places to be but it definitely tends to lead to some of the heavier and more undesirable emotions because it has a certain intensity about it.  It tends to come on quickly and can spiral into a whole litany of complaints in short order.


The feeling of being “ANNOYED,” when we look at the emotional scale, which ranges from a state of joy to hopelessness or depression, is not even close to the bottom of the emotional scale, where we hope not to land.  When we are annoyed it’s usually situational.  It’s not a long-standing pattern of despair or feeling sad.  We’re just “ANNOYED.”  I find it kind of annoying, though, that feeling annoyed can be so disruptive to our vibration and the quality of our day.  For some reason, when we hit that state of annoyance, we tend to latch onto it perhaps more than other emotions and replay in our heads the events or lapses that led us to feel so annoyed.


It would seem that an emotion that isn’t in the range of terrible and is largely situational would be easy to let go of and move on from.  And, I’m going to suggest that it can be easier if we consider what we are really intending for ourselves in terms of our vibration.  When we focus on the fact that our vibration is our top priority and is affecting everything that shows up for us, the idea of staying mired in annoyance feels like we could do much better, and we can.


It’s not that we should try to completely ignore feeling annoyed unless it’s really easy to do so.  If we can ignore what was briefly annoying, it’s a good indicator of the lack of importance of the whole issue and by all means, we can just move on into a place that feels a whole lot better.  On the other hand, if our feelings are more bothersome or volatile, we know that one of our jobs in this human experience is to feel any emotion we are intensely feeling and make an effort to release it if it’s not where we want to be.   And, once we’ve made that effort, it becomes much easier to find a different perspective that feels much better.  And, that gets easier each time we put in that effort, especially on the subject that was taking us away from our desires. It’s how we expand as vibrational beings.


A quick reminder from Abraham-Hicks that reaffirms the importance of this mission:

When you withdraw your attention from those things that are not pleasing, and you put your attention on those things that are pleasing, those pleasing things begin to become more abundant; and those not-pleasing things become rarer.  Until, eventually, those not-pleasing things cannot be part of your experience because you will have eliminated your attraction factor from your vibration.  What you think and what you get always match.


I found myself in that annoyed state yesterday.  I had an interaction with someone in which I didn’t feel understood or appreciated as much as I thought I should be!  I could feel myself beginning to stew.  I just wanted to extricate myself from the whole interaction as quickly as possible.  It just did not feel good!  But, I didn’t let it go. I let it marinate.  So, naturally, as the day went on, I encountered another “annoying” situation, as in someone else triggering me by not behaving the way I thought they should be behaving.  Surprise!!


There is a theme here.  I had certain expectations about how these people should have been operating and they fell short of MY EXPECTATIONS.  I mean I was right, of course, haha, but it’s worth considering that they were being who they are.  It was the gap between my expectations and them being themselves that led to me rolling into a pretty dismal vibration and then I allowed it to get started as a loop of thought in my head.  Never a great idea.  When I consider the things I allowed myself to stew about they were actually pretty ridiculous.  I mean I had every right to be annoyed but—–


The question we need to ask ourselves in these situations is whether it’s worth it to storm around for a while being annoyed?  I am in favor of not ignoring how we are feeling but feeling the feeling and releasing it.  But, there isn’t really any good reason to continue to wallow in the annoyance, especially when it is based upon something relatively minor or someone else’s behavior.  There is literally nothing we can do to change what has already occurred.  In fact, it’s often likely that the person who seemed to be annoying has that pattern of behavior going on, in general.


I’m mentioning annoyance, in particular, in terms of all of the possible emotions we could experience because, while it doesn’t feel like doom and gloom, it can be intense and triggering and well just so annoying!  And, it has that tendency to very easily lead down a slippery slope to many lower-level emotions.  For an emotion that isn’t exactly tragic to experience, it seems to have some superpowers when it comes to setting us off on the path toward more of what we don’t want.


So we can keep focusing on it and just how annoying it is or we can move on.  We can let it go and remind ourselves of our more important mission, which is to maintain our own good vibration and create the circumstances that are just what WE WANT!  We can attract more to be annoyed about or we can refocus our attention on things that do feel good in our lives by flipping the switch.  We’re then very likely to find that those people and their annoying behavior or those triggering circumstances begin to show up less and less.  We just aren’t the best match to that murky vibration any longer.


So, annoyance is part of life and the human experience but it can be short-lived and minor rather than a deep dive into the rabbit hole that can lead us far away from where we want to be.  When thought of in that way, it feels pretty ridiculous to allow something that is not life-shattering or a dominant player in our lives to take us to a state of “Everything stinks.  I will never get what I want.”  Annoyance needs to be put in its proper place.  It can be just a blip we move on from.


The next time you feel annoyed, congratulate yourself for noticing it, remind yourself that something that is “annoying” is not worth lowering your vibration for, and then refocus on those things that are working and give them your attention.  It’s time to put the feeling of being “annoyed” into the insignificant place it belongs.  It can be nipped in the bud before we get to the state of stewing and complaining to anyone who will listen.  And, that way of handling it feels so much better in the process. We just feel happier, which is the point of all of this.


If you make that improved reaction to “annoying” situations a habit, you will find that more and more of those things that you desire are showing up in your life as you’ve made space for them to make their way in.




If you’d like any help with learning how to change distorted thinking into productive and helpful energy, that’s very much up my alley.  You can reach me at www.howtoallow.net or susan@howtoallow.net




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