When I first learned that we are creating our realities with our thoughts, I worried about any negative thoughts that popped up.  My reaction was “Yikes, I’m doing it again.  I need to get out of this loop.  I need to do better at this.”  Obviously, that sort of thinking only contributed to more negative thoughts as I was adding fuel to the fire.  If instead I had thought, “Great that I caught myself going into that negative loop; I’m getting better and better at this,” I would have shifted my momentum so that I would immediately have been attracting more positive thoughts.  I can say for sure now that I don’t beat myself up, but reassure myself that it’s normal to have that thought pop up and what is important is where I go from there.  It can feel like such a relief.  And, that’s what we want to create.

Apparently, according to A-Hicks and other spiritual teachers, every thought that we could possibly think has already been thought. Those thoughts are out there with their own energy swirling around us. When we feel like we’re creating negative thoughts, they suggest that it’s more often a case of us attracting those swirling thoughts to us, the ones that are a match to our vibration. Knowing that can be motivating.  Who wants to attract random negative energy?


So, the importance of not judging ourselves when we catch ourselves going off course can’t be stressed enough.  Thinking that we are off base, not good at manifesting, too negative, just leads to attracting more negative momentum and attracting just what we don’t want.


The corollary to this important strategy is to realize that when there are times where something has been stuck for what feels like a very long time, we may need to fully address the way we are thinking about the issue.  It’s not going anywhere if we don’t change our thinking.  And, often we can be pretty clueless about long-standing contrary beliefs or patterns we are carrying or just what it is about the issue that makes us feel so hopeless.


There are myriad scientific studies that demonstrate that we have created neural pathways in our brain, over a very long time, and that these limiting beliefs and thoughts are literally affecting the chemistry of our bodies.  There is lots of support for the notion that we are even carrying limiting beliefs in our genes and DNA, as they’ve been passed along by our families, our ancestors.   A perfect example of this sort of mindset is where we are carrying long-standing patterns of abuse and powerlessness in our bodies.  We may have also witnessed this disempowerment and victim mentality as we were growing up and we’re unaware of the profound effects it’s still having as we try to get unstuck.


There are all kinds of patterns that we can be locked into without really being aware of them.  There can be the underlying belief that having plenty of money is difficult.  Well intentioned others have taught us that money is scarce, it’s only for the gifted or lucky, and it’s difficult to come by.  We think we are fully embracing creating abundance in our lives but there is a small voice within that’s saying, “Those rich people,” as in, not me.


If there is something that keeps persisting in your life that is just not changing, despite trying to visualize or affirm your way beyond it, you might need to take a very deep dive to figure out what’s really behind this continuing pattern of being stuck where you are.  You need to think about what might be causing what has turned into a pattern.


When you can identify the strong feelings that are behind the feeling of being stuck, you will likely unearth why that pattern originated and why it feels so huge and impossible to change.  We aren’t attracting more negative things into our lives when we purposely feel feelings for the purpose of finding solutions.  Fully feeling the energy of what feels stuck is the way to let it go.


When we make a conscious decision to identify that negative feeling, fully feel it, and release it to the Universe for transformation, we are re-writing that negative script, that negative pattern that has kept us stuck where we are.  It can be helpful to take some time to fully reflect on where that feeling comes from, and from what time in our lives that feeling first came up for us.  Often, it can be a childhood memory that we don’t even realize is still dictating the thoughts we are thinking and the way we feel.


When we identify where the pattern is coming from, we can also challenge it and realize that it was based on an old vibration and no longer applies.  We are a different person than the one who first felt that negative emotion or heard that negative script.  And, we can come up with reasons to reject the belief that no longer serves us.  We may need to repeat the process until the issue no longer holds a charge for us.  It may feel like a lot of work but the alternative is staying right where we are and continuing to repeat the pattern that is not working for us.  Unearthing a negative pattern that keeps repeating itself and moving it out of our bodies and minds is one of the most important things we can do for ourselves.


So, if you’ve been stuck for too long, attracting the same set of circumstances, the same bad relationships, the same lack of money, over and over, there is a pattern that needs to be released.  It’s well worth fully feeling how this pattern makes you feel and making a conscious decision to release it.  You don’t need to dwell on it for years and use it as your story.  That just creates more of the same.  Feeling it, observing where it comes from, and making a decision that you are done with it, leads to creating a new pattern that equals freedom and happiness.

If you’d like help peeling away the layers of the onion to let go of some recurring negative pattern(s), I’m here to help.  There are also some great strategies for using meditation to go to a different vibration and  release the pattern, to reprogram your brain for patterns that lead to where you want to go.  Susan@howtoallow.net



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