Four Ways You Can Use It Brilliantly for Maximum Benefit


Most of you undoubtedly have heard the phrase “Act As If,” as in, act as if you already have what you want in order to get what you want. It’s also sometimes referred to as “Fake It Until You Make It.”  As a Law of Attraction Coach who knows how powerful the words we use can be, I definitely prefer the “Act As If” description.  For me, throwing in the word “fake,” adds a dimension that isn’t helpful.  If you feel like you’re “faking it,” then it doesn’t feel real.  And, the essential power of this tool is feeling it as real.

A major key to this whole process is having an element of belief in your ability to have what you want while you are acting as if you already have it. There can be some purposeful stretching into this Acting As If that can help you to build your belief in your success before you are 100% convinced that you can actually have what you want.

The processes below can help you to move into that zone where you are not only “Acting As If,” you have what you want but also engaging the full power of the Universe in helping you to move into having what you want.

There are four components to this Acting As If” process that can be tweaked in a way that can put you on the quickest and easiest path to your desire.


  1. Ask yourself what emotion you are wanting to feel by having what you desire?


Taking the time to carefully answer this question has multiple benefits for manifesting just what you want.

When you think about why you want what you want, you are bypassing any doubts about whether it’s actually possible or how you are going to get it.  In that moment, you are feeling the emotion that’s a match to your desire, which is an essential element of manifesting anything.

You can also now identify other areas of your life where you already experience this feeling, this emotion, and you can decide to spend more time experiencing the things that evoke that emotion.

Perhaps you have a desire for more financial abundance.  When you ask yourself why you want it, and how it would make you feel, you might find that what you really desire is freedom and ease and perhaps security.  It might evoke other feelings.  You want what you want for the reasons you want it. Own the feelings you want to create.  And, look for other areas of your life where you already have that freedom or ease or security or other emotions. Plan to ramp up those feelings by concentrating more on what you already have that creates those feelings that you want.  Spend more time in those arenas and in thinking about and appreciating those things in your life that are already working to create your desired feelings.


  1.  Ramp up your own belief that the thing that you want is possible for you.  Acting As If without an underlying belief that it’s possible is very likely to feel awkward or inauthentic and could actually contribute to creating more of a negative vibration around your desire.


A very helpful way to strengthen your belief is to remind yourself of the rules of Law of Attraction 101.  You put your desire out to the Universe just by thinking of it.  You’re done.  The Universe goes to work to create your desire.  That’s also done.  You get your desire when you raise your vibration, your dominant emotions, to match the positive vibration of your desire.

So, in reality, your desire is already created.  It’s done.  It’s just waiting for you to catch up.  So, there is nothing inauthentic or delusional about acting as if you already have it.  As a human and spiritual being operating in our vibrational Universe, you are here to create what you want.  You deserve to have what you want.  The fact that you have the desire flowing through you is evidence of your ability to manifest it.  It’s the only evidence you need.


  1. Watch the way you handle yourself throughout your day, how you react to your current circumstances.  Each time the desire comes up and you feel yourself reacting, ask yourself: “How would someone who has what I want react to this issue?”


This is where your sensitivity to the way you are thinking and feeling is your powerful ally.  You need to stop, check your reactions, and think about whether they are lined up with your desire.

This is not as hard as it might seem and it has so many extra benefits.  Taking a moment to think about how you are “thinking” about something multiple times throughout your day is going to uplevel your vibration on every subject that is important to you.

When I’ve been in this mode where I am dedicated to acting in alignment with my most dominant desire, I find it easier to catch myself thinking even about an unrelated issue in a way that is just NOT HELPFUL.  What is very cool about this is that it can lead to the realization that you WOULD NOT EVEN CARE ABOUT THIS ISSUE AND WOULD NOT EVEN BE THINKING ABOUT IT AT ALL IF YOU HAD ALREADY MANIFESTED WHAT YOU WANT.

If, for example, you wanted to manifest a job that you loved and noticed yourself getting frustrated at that annoying coworker, you could think, “If I believed and knew that my new job was lined up for me already I would not even be entertaining this nonsense.  It would be irrelevant.”

Perhaps you want to manifest a new home that is your perfect sanctuary.  When the upstairs neighbor runs their juicing machine at 6 am again, you catch yourself and say, “If I believed and knew that my perfect home is already waiting for me, I would so not care about that noise.  I’m on my way to my perfect home.”

What is so perfect about this process of observing your reactions is that so many extraneous things that occupy your attention in a negative way on a daily basis just fall off of your radar.  They are irrelevant.  They no longer matter as you believe and know that you are the person who has created your desire and it is all falling into place.


  1. And, now for the fun part.  You can proactively use your imagination, in the way you did when you were a child, and imagine just how the person who had just what you want would be acting.  What would they wear?  How would they spend their free time?  How would they walk?  Would they stand taller?  How much cash would they carry in their wallet?  What would they treat themselves to?  What would they eat?  Would they compromise on _________?


You can now actively plan out some new ways of being that match up to the person who has just what you want.  So, it’s this simple:  (1)  Ask yourself why you want what you want; (2) Amplify your belief that you deserve to have it and that it’s possible; (3) Observe and change your reactions to your current circumstances if they are not in alignment; and (4) Have fun with doing some things differently, the way the person who already has what you want would be doing them.  And soon, you will no longer just be “Acting As If” but being that person who already has what they desire.

If you’d benefit from some help in creating a plan for Acting As If and building up your belief in your ability to have just what you desire, I’m here to help.  You can reach me at and sign up for an exploratory coaching session.






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