A quick recap for any readers who don’t have the Law of Attraction’s three-step process committed to memory:



  • We notice something we’d like or that could stand improvement;
  • The Universe picks up on that vibrational signal and immediately begins to create what we want, holding it for us in a vibrational escrow of sorts;
  • We Allow the desire into our physical reality, our lives, by raising our vibration, our mood and expectations, to match the positive vibration of our desire.

We now know that the Universe is responding to our vibration, not the specific words that we use when we make a request, recite affirmations, say a prayer or make statements about ourselves and our desires to others. This is why affirmations sometimes don’t work very well. We may be affirming, “I am financially abundant and money flows freely in and out of my life,” but we don’t really believe it. We hope it will flow in but we’re not actually expecting it anytime soon. So the Universe is hearing instead, “How am I going to pay my bills? What can I do to make more money?”


So, the words we use are somewhat irrelevant when it comes to what the Universe is picking up on in terms of our vibration. And, vibration (our mood, emotional state, expectations) is everything.


But wait a minute before you conclude that the words we use don’t matter when we are trying to work consciously with the Law of Attraction. The words we use matter, and they matter a lot, when it comes to our own expectations and how we perceive ourselves. The words we use, while less important to the Universe, are huge for us and can mean the difference between staying right where we are and Allowing in our fondest desires.


I love this story about words and how much they can shape our world. And, LOA success stories can really clarify just how we might achieve the same dramatic results.  You may know Jennifer Hudson, an amazing singer and winner of an Academy Award for her performance in Dreamgirls. I happen to think that her rendition of “And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going,” ranks up there with the best performances of any song ever.  Jennifer had an “Aha” moment when it comes to the use of words in creating our reality when she realized that the song lyrics she was writing and performing were manifesting in exactly the way she had written them.

She tells it best:

I never realized the impact that lyrics could have on my life until I was shooting Dreamgirls. About six months before I was even cast in the film, I was writing songs that I hoped would someday appear on my first album. One of them was called “Thank You,” and the lyrics spoke about the success I believed would come my way. And just half a year later, I found myself listening to that song while filming what would end up being my Academy Award-winning role.

In another track called “I Take You Just the Way You Are,” I wrote about my boyfriend James, and the fact that he supported me long before anybody knew who I was, and how our relationship would survive anything.  A year later, in an interview . . . Barbara Walters . . . (mistakenly) thought my newfound fame might make me want to leave my boyfriend, who works as a maintenance man. Months later, when I listened to that same music, I thought, “Wow I’m living out everything I wrote in those songs. Everything that I had written, all the words I had sung aloud over and over, was becoming realized.”  images-1

(From an essay in O Magazine)


So, while the Universe is picking up on our vibration and not so much on our words, we are making powerful declarations to ourselves with the words we use. And this has a huge effect on the vibration we are emitting into the world. “I am” statements are especially powerful.

If you find yourself feeling like you didn’t accomplish all you wanted in a day and find yourself thinking, “I’m lazy, disorganized, unproductive,” you’re creating more lack of productivity. When you’ve emerged from a difficult situation, and you introduce yourself as a “victim of abuse and so I have a problem with ……….,” or say “I have PTSD so I can’t ………,” yep, the longer you will continue to let the old story define you and your future.  You are building a vibrational wall limiting what you can have in your life.

All of these “I am” statements have been made to me in my coaching practice, by the way. It’s not that I’m unsympathetic. I often have to reign in my sympathy so that I can line up with the solution for my clients. It’s just that I know for sure that you can’t keep repeating the same old story and expect things to change.

In another example of the importance of words, someone just e-mailed me and made the nicest comments about my blog, saying “I find it to be one, if not THE best one I have found so far. Your posts are clear, insightful, inspiring…You manage to make Abraham Hicks’ teachings even more accessible to us all. Thank you for that.”  She asked for help with a particular issue and said, “I’d like to buy your book but can’t afford it right now.” Of course, I was sympathetic and I actually didn’t care if she bought my book in terms of what I would receive from one book sale. What was much more important to me was that she was saying that she could not afford to spend $9.99 on something that she really wanted for herself, and that she thought would improve her life.  As long as we’re saying “I can’t afford that,” or “that’s out of my price range,” or “I’m going to have to wait until later to get that for myself,” we will remain in a place of not being able to get the things we want.  We will continue to wait for “later,” which never comes.images

I understand and have used the same statements myself. And, I’m definitely not encouraging anyone to be irresponsible with money in a way that does not feel good. Yet, sometimes we may need to work on the belief and the statements we make that we can’t afford even very modest expenditures, as it’s virtually guaranteeing that we remain in a state of lack for potentially a very long time. Often, making small investments in ourselves, getting our car washed, buying flowers for our desk, getting a manicure, buying the slightly more expensive but healthier food, creates a vibration of more power and worthiness. And, the Universe picks up on that feeling of self-worth and respect and belief in ourselves. The Universe then must respond to that much more powerful vibration in which we believe we deserve the abundance that is available to us.

So, words can be very important when those words express what we believe about ourselves, our situations, our potential. Everything is vibration, but the words we choose should always feel good.

Lots of people are asking me how can I become unstuck, change my story? And, I would suggest beginning with the words you use to describe yourself and your circumstances. They are a powerful indicator of how you really think of yourself and your world; and the words you use will determine whether you Allow what you really want into your life. The Universe is all too ready to deliver the best life has to offer!






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