When you understand how energy and the Laws of the Universe work, you understand that the Universe is responding to your vibration, the thoughts and visions you hold in your head and the actions you take.  That’s Law of Attraction 101.

When you think about the changes you’d like to make in your life, you may think that you need to “get on it,” focus in on it and make it happen. And, that can sometimes work. But, isn’t necessarily the smoothest or most direct path.

That sort of bearing down on a situation can cause you to remain stuck in place when you don’t utilize the tools at your disposal to Allow it to happen naturally.  It’s just the way energy works.  And, it’s available to you at all times. The mechanism for promoting change is not forcing or making things change but Allowing the mechanism of change, which is constant, to progress naturally.

But, how can you guide that change to happen in a way that is best for you, that Allows in just what you want?

  1. You will want to utilize everything at your disposal, all of your creations, even those you might have labeled as negative and are not using to your advantage.  Every situation is fundamentally neutral and you supply the meaning that determines its effect in your life.  Everything is neutral and has benefits unless you label it otherwise.

I’m going to explain this and break it down in a way that makes it easy.

  1. You will want to ask why you chose to label certain circumstances and events that have occurred in your life as negative. That is going to lead you to trace back to the Limiting Beliefs that you hold.  You’re going to want to ask “Why am I regretting, feeling guilty, angry or defeated by that? “ Those answers hold the clues to those false beliefs you are still holding onto.
  2. You will want to own those beliefs that you have so that you can change them. You have held onto those beliefs you adopted from your past even though they are no longer relevant to where you are now.  Once you began to believe them you created the corresponding emotion that you feel a person would FEEL who believes that.    Interesting, right?  Especially interesting because that reflects your current vibration.  And, you also THINK along those limited paths and your thought patterns are structured according to those same false beliefs.  And, then you ACT like the person who has that original belief.
  3. You’re going to want to challenge that and change it.  You can then decide that because that belief no longer makes sense for you, no longer works for you, you will create a new belief about that situation that you prefer.  You can use your imagination to conjure how a person with that new belief would feel.

By doing just this, which isn’t that daunting, you will begin to see how a person who has that new belief would think.  You will begin to create new thoughts, new neural pathways, a new vibration and point of attraction.

Then it will be but a small step to picture how the person who holds your new empowering belief would act, what they would do to handle any situation in your life.

You’ll then find yourself creating the reality that you want through the same process that you used to create the reality that you’d like to change. It can be that easy.

It’s worth taking the time to pause for a moment and reflect on how you are viewing your circumstances, why you are not using the wisdom, the experience, the silver linings from those situations that you’ve been labeling as negative.

Suddenly, you will have opened up a whole new treasure chest of gems that you can use to Allow the change you want to happen for you.

I have a download on my site at www.howtoallow.net to help you uncover your Limiting Beliefs so that you can begin feeling, thinking and acting like a person who has replaced them with empowering beliefs.


Feel free to download the guide. I’m also happy to give one-on-one support.  I’m very good at helping clients to uncover Limiting Beliefs and move forward into the life they’d prefer.  You can reach me at susan@howtoallow.net or www.howtoallow.net/coaching


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Thanks to Bashar @ www.bashar.orgfor amazing insights into allowing change to happen for you.












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