Yep, absolutely.  When the principles of the Law of Attraction state that you can be, do or have anything you want, that means anything.  There isn’t a special exception for what we like to call “The Aging Process.”  By the way, I’m going to propose in this post that we drop that phrase from our vocabulary.  I’m also going to propose a radical shifting of what many believe on this subject.  joy-ease-2


I’ve actually known that decline is not inevitable for a very long time.  I’ve been exposed to the idea of an infinite fountain of youth through the writings of many of the great spiritual teachers, although I particularly remember first really “getting this” while listening to the spiritual teachers Abraham, and reading one of the many books by the writer, Catherine Ponder.  I remember reading of a woman who decided to stop creating more lines and wrinkles and looked in the mirror each day and lightly touched the lines she wanted to lose, and she did.  She not only began to look younger but she maintained the youthful look she created as she “aged.”  


Just today, I heard a recent AH seminar discussion of this very issue and it could not have come at a better moment for me.  Although I absolutely know it to be true that we don’t have to decline with age and that we can even look younger tomorrow than we looked today, my knowing has been challenged a bit recently and I realize that a shift is in order.


I’ve been spending quite a bit of time lately at an assisted living facility, where my stepfather is in the late stages of Parkinson’s disease.  He is a lovely, intelligent, kind man and it has been difficult to see a decline that he never would have wanted to live through.  In my sadness, especially when visiting the assisted living location, I’ve found myself noticing more and more and more, the crazy decline of nearly all of the residents there who find themselves with impaired mobility and mental acuity.  I do my best to be a “bright shining light” when I go there, smiling at everyone, engaging nearly everyone I come into contact with.  I’ve even brought my Golden Retriever, Buckley, using a little swag as I roll past the reception desk, acting as if he’s a trained comfort care dog, when I know at any moment he could get excited and knock someone off of their walker.  Luckily, that hasn’t happened and people have even asked for me to bring Buckley back. Thankfully, Buckley gets it and has risen to the occasion.



Despite knowing all that I know, that we do not have to decline with age, and that even calling it “The Aging Process,” presumes an inevitable decline and lessened quality of life, the assisted living environment has been getting to me, even causing me to question what I believe and know.


So, I was so happy to stumble today upon a nice rampage by Abraham in response to someone’s question about reversing the “Aging Process.”  The simple answer to the question of whether we can reverse this so-called process, is that we can’t as long as we believe in decline.


What can we do to get on board with this alternative reality that has us in good physical condition throughout our lives, with more energy, a youthful appearance, zest for life, and the ability to enjoy ourselves on this journey?


Step 1:  Let’s ditch the term “The Aging Process,” if it means anything more than actually advancing in years on this planet.  Challenge the belief that decline is inevitable.  There are people in other cultures who are not exposed to this belief in decline and they don’t decline in the way that most in our society do.  In fact, women are known to continue to give birth way beyond the “window” that we commonly accept as possible.


Step 2:  Connect with Source Energy as often as you can.  Refuse to be stuck in the mode of facing reality and refuel yourself by raising your vibration.  And, luckily this raising of our vibration part is fairly simple.  We accept that where we are right now is fine, that we can go anywhere from here, and we choose the best thoughts we can find whenever we become aware that we could stand to improve our current thoughts.


Step 3:  Remember that in your desire to be uplifting to others, it does not mean that you are responsible for making things better for them.  That only causes you to deplete your own energy, creating resistance, and not actually being of any help to them as a result.  Resistance pinches off our natural well being and creates decline (period).


Step 4:  Make a decision, right here, right now, to Allow in what you’ve asked for. Let that mission be your “go to” thought when you find yourself going down the path of resistance.  Ask yourself for one valid reason not to allow in what you’ve already asked for (and created in your vibrational reality) by sloppy thinking.  If you find, one let me know.


Step 5:  Remind yourself often that you are not here to face reality but to create reality.   Remember that you are supposed to feel good.  Allow yourself to leave other people out of the equation.  Don’t feel you have to prove yourself to anyone.  Start with something that is fairly easy for you to feel good about rather than the thing that has been driving you crazy.  Do more things that you enjoy, find more things to appreciate right now, dream more about where you’re going than focusing upon where you are now.   I could go on but I think you know where this should take you.  Find more ways to enjoy yourself.


As was put so beautifully in this particular discussion, decide that you are going to live happily ever after, starting now.  I can get on board with that, starting now. Now, here’s a happy group; they know how to live and seeing that raises my vibration!






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