I will admit that both the concept and the realities of “MONEY,” have not been the easiest ones for me to approach with a pure vibration.  From what I hear, that’s the “big” one for most people.  Unlike many other desires, the whole notion of Money can have a neediness aspect attached to it.  And, that need can be very real in terms of the world that we’ve chosen to participate in.  We simply can’t operate in an optimal way in our world without money, not to mention, a decent amount of it.  It’s staring us in the face every day; there are bills to pay.  We almost can’t leave our homes to do anything without at least some funds in our pockets.  Of course, there are the priceless things we can do like enjoy nature, take a walk, exercise, walk our dog, have a picnic.  But even being in a position to do those things requires some money to be where we are.  We need a place to live.  We need to eat. Our dog needs to go to the vet.  We need to go to the dentist.  Even a picnic requires spending money on our outdoor feast.  Unknown

For quite awhile now I’ve come to know, without a doubt, that money is like anything else.  It is merely energy.  If we can create other things like good parking spaces, nurturing friendships, good health, we can also create money.  I’ve also learned, thankfully, that money is not a “bad” thing.  It’s not the root of all evil.  When we have lots of money, we don’t deprive others of their money.  We actually create a bigger pie for everyone else when we have financial abundance.  Having money does not make a person less spiritual.  Having money actually allows our Source to express more completely through us, because we are then able to enjoy our lives more fully.  The word “rich” no longer has a negative connotation for me. When I am with someone who is rich, I think, “Good for them, they’ve mastered manifesting money.  They expect it and they get it.”  There is no jealousy on my end.


What has tripped me up, however, and I think I am not the only one in this position, is the underlying belief, despite my knowledge that money is mere energy, is that money is “out there” somewhere, and it requires lots of people and certain specific steps to create it.  I’ve given it a lot of power. Believe me, I’m not saying that we can sit in our gardens and visualize money without taking any action and expect money to flow into our lives.  Although, that probably could happen for some people by virtue of other factors in their lives.

What I have finally grasped is that abundance, including financial abundance, is first and foremost an inside job.  And, I’ve gotten the results to prove it in recent weeks.  I located some great material from the writer John Randolph Price.  There is actually a site I found with a program for meditations on abundance based on his writings.  I stumbled upon the site inadvertently while I was looking for the writings of Florence Scovel Shinn, a great teacher from an earlier era and an expert on deliberate creation.  A coincidence? I think not.  It was just the information I needed and wanted to share.

The basic concept of the meditations is that you choose to stop believing in visible money as your supply and your support.  You recognize that the world around you is simply a very real reflection of your former beliefs.  The writings suggest that by believing in the “power” of physical money, you surrendered your power  and authority as Source Energy to a false belief.  This false belief allows the possibility of lack, thereby causing a separation in consciousness from the real Source of your supply, which is your knowledge of the Infinite Intelligence within you as the creator of it all. John Randolph Price exhorts us to renounce viewing ourselves as mere physical beings and claim our inheritance as Divine Beings, with only the Divine Mind within us as our sole source of substance, supply and support.

Okay, that’s a mouthful, it’s pretty deep,  and takes some time to fully appreciate.  But, when you reflect upon it, the concept is powerful.  It took me some time to really, really understand the truth of Price’s statement.  We, as part of Source Energy, are the Source of our abundance, period.  Our awareness, understanding,  and absolute knowledge of that fact is what creates our abundance.  So, we don’t need to give money any additional power or believe in the possibility of lack.  The Christ Consciousness within us is constantly creating to meet all of our needs.  For my part, that truth is something that I knew, but when it came to money it’s not something that I KNEW.  Somehow, money, as a physical reality that is so much a part of our daily lives, can be a bit more difficult to to think of as something that is created completely from within.

It is possible though, to conceive of money, despite it’s physical properties and the way it seems to appear, as something which we create with our awareness of ourselves as the sole source of Infinite Abundance in our lives.  It is a new and powerful way to think of ourselves and to think of our Divine right to abundance.  In this world of Well-Being, we were meant to live abundantly.

I’d like to share what happened for me when I used the prosperity meditations, as well as when I fell off of my program due to other things going on in my life.  Within the first  days of using the meditations, I learned that I had received an award for my course and ebook “How to Allow,” for Best of Books on Law of Attraction for 2012.  That came as a complete, yet very welcome, surprise.  The next day, approximately $1000 in funds appeared in my account from a source which had failed to send me all of the interest owed to me in the prior quarter.  I was not expecting it at all at that time; just another pleasant surprise.  I began selling more and more copies of “How to Allow,” including international sales in Taiwan, Australia, and the UK.  My sales continued to bump up.  I received unexpectedly in the mail two small checks from a legal settlement I had apparently participated in years before.  We have moved several times in the meantime, yet the checks still reached my mailbox.  I received another larger check for several hundred dollars, again unexpected, from another settlement I had participated in at least seven years ago.  I had nearly given up on receiving any restitution from that source, and was astonished that it arrived in the mail, with no prior notice of any settlement.  This all occurred while I was spending time every day reflecting upon my knowledge of the Infinite Intelligence within me as the sole Source of my abundance.   I was then asked to participate in a radio show on my award for “How to Allow” and on Allowing, in general, with two amazing experts on the Law of Attraction, with whom I was honored to participate.  I would say it was a pretty good week!  LOA Leaders book med

Yet  .   .   .   I still at that moment hadn’t necessarily concluded that it was my focus on my Inner Being as the source of my prosperity that had resulted in all of this increased abundance.  I had become very preoccupied with all of my family being home for the holiday and then the illness and death of my dog, who had been my close companion for twelve years.  She had followed me from room to room and been my dear friend and confidant.  I was devastated.  I dropped off on doing the meditations and, of course, was focused on some things that were clearly interfering with my vibration.  I also stopped doing my own Daily Tools from “How to Allow.”  I know it was lame to give up my Daily Practices, but I was feeling bereft.  Sales of my book didn’t stop completely, but they slowed.  Then, a regular deposit into my account from a real estate investment,  which I was expecting, turned out to be about half the usual amount.  Ugh. Things had definitely taken a turn.  I could go on, but I’d rather focus on the wonderful increase in abundance I received when I began focusing on it as an inside job.

Realize that this is a bit different from the way we’ve talked about money before.  Of course, we’ve stressed the importance of focusing on our desire for abundance and not the lack of abundance in our lives.  And, we’ve discussed focusing on perhaps one thing that you’d like to bring into your life that you are able to focus on without resistance, something that would create real excitement for you, in order to prove to yourself that you can create abundance.  I’m not suggesting that we abandon those ideas or strategies, just that we really undergo a huge shift in the way we look at money, in general.


It is a big change to cease viewing visible money, cash, moola, coin, skrilla, benjamins, as our supply and support.  We’ve got so much history tied up with that view.  Remembering that our only real claim to abundance is based upon realizing our true power as Divine beings, and that our Divinity is our inexhaustible supply and support, is what creates abundance of any kind in our lives.

By the way, after my recognition of what was happening, I did re-focus on this new and powerful truth in my meditations and my book sales are again climbing.  They are actually the best they’ve ever been.  I’ve been excited to check my computer.  I’m not just sitting by the pond expecting money to fall into my lap.  I’m taking inspired action, but only inspired action.  I’m focused on the Source within as the Source of my abundance, knowing that money has no power of its own.  Money is a result of my knowledge of the constantly creating Divinity within me.  And, if the Source within is constantly creating abundance, there is no need to focus on lack of any kind.

I’m excited to see that this can work for all of us.  I would love to hear how things start happening for you.

By the way, if you’d like to check out the prosperity meditations they can be found at http://www.prosperity-meditation.com.  I’m not associated with this site in any way.  It was just something I stumbled upon coincidentally.  And, I’m glad that I did.



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