joy and easeI read on AOL that this past Monday was officially known as the most depressing day of the year. I did find it funny but couldn’t wait to see what the “experts” offered as an explanation. Apparently, it mostly relates to people finally coming back to work after an extended holiday, although there were also more divorce filings on that day than any other. Maybe it’s too many days of vacation for some people. I had a lot of fun talking with people on Facebook about Monday being officially the most depressing day and, of course, most savvy Law of Attraction-oriented people were having none of it. We know too much to be influenced by someone else’s stats, particularly when those stats are trying to predict what mood we’ll be in. We all rejected that official designation for Monday, of course.

But something interesting was evoked by that discussion and a subsequent chat I had with a client who happens to be super LOA savvy and extremely intuitive. She had experienced some crazy contrast over a few days. Somehow I talked to a few others who also had some pretty contrasting encounters over the last week or so, and were looking for an explanation. And, some of our discussions turned to the power of others to influence our mood, or even deliberately interfere with our vibration. And, the talk in some cases was about people in our inner circle and even people in the non-physical dimension.

I’ve never given the thought of that non-physical interference much airtime. I’ve always assumed that since there is no assertion in this Universe, only attraction, as long as we maintain our decent vibe or high-flying vibration, we dominate the vibration and frivolous people or people intent on ill will, can’t assert themselves into our experience.  I guess this also implies, however, that people in a very low vibration, with bad intent, could be attracted into our experience, if we maintained a low vibration for an extended period.  Another reason to reach for the best thoughts we can, whenever we can.

Yet, for nearly everyone who was currently experiencing a low vibration, the excuse was the behavior of another, which they believed caused the dip in their vibration. This was definitely the case with a couple of clients. I had to acknowledge that the behavior of those negative people would be hard to ignore under the circumstances, in each case. I do know that we can ignore it and give it no thought. That’s apparently what Jesus meant when he asked us to “turn the other cheek.” Yet, I’m well aware of how hard it can be to hold onto your good vibration when others around you are hanging down in those lower murky levels and, purposely or not, bringing that murky low-level vibe to your party. It usually stops being your party pretty quickly. It’s not always easy to ignore, especially if it’s someone you work with every day, a person in some position of authority who is messing up a project you’re working on, a significant other who isn’t treating you with love and appreciation, or any issue that’s in your face in a pretty constant manner.

I found some interesting material that gave me some hope for making my good mood more impenetrable by the behavior of others. And, it’s something we’ve talked about before, but not in exactly this way. This slightly different presentation of working on our vibe made me feel like, I can do this. If the result of this is to bring back my light-heartedness, my happiness, and allow me to ignore those things that both interfere with my vibe and slow down my manifestations, I know I can do it.

There’s been a lot of discussion in this blog and elsewhere about establishing good momentum first thing upon arising. I had written a recent post about how our vibration is pure and at a high level when we first awaken. We wake up completely free of resistance. Do you realize what a gift that is?  Going to sleep is like setting a re-set button, which is very reassuring to know. So, in those first (oh geez) 17 seconds of wakefulness, we have a choice where to go with our thoughts. I’m saying “oh geez” because that doesn’t give us a whole lot of time. So, I’m thinking that the best thing to do if you wake up a little down, and don’t immediately have something positive and uplifting to think about, is to create a “go-to” list of general thoughts of the well-being in your life that you could turn to first thing in the morning. And then try to milk those thoughts for as long as you can. You may start out not making it out of bed before losing momentum, on day 2 or 3 you might just get through breakfast before losing momentum. Yet, apparently as little as 30 days of making this a top priority will get you to that point where you’ve established such a solid vibration that it will be fairly easy to   maintain it.

Apparently Esther Hicks tried this experiment and within a week could maintain herself there.  Now one week doesn’t sound too difficult. And, as weeks began to move past, she began to notice that her days were affected in this really powerful way. She felt clear-minded, she knew what to do, had no confusion, but had clarity in its place. She left the resistance behind her mostly. She knew with certainty that she was making the right decision without torturing herself.

This means thinking only about what you want and why you want it. Why introduce into a perfectly wonderful futuristic thought, present tense? Why introduce the reality?

Esther’s epiphany was understanding that life is right now. It’s now, right now and how you feel RIGHT NOW, right now ……. this is life right now. And, right now, you might be thinking about the future or something that happened yesterday or ten years ago. What you’re doing right now is allowing free-flowing energy or introducing resistance. So yes it’s about creating what comes to you, manifestations, money in your bank, your house, everything that is tangible and personal and visceral, but mostly it’s about how you feel right now. 

Once you play with this for awhile, you’ll find yourself waking up, and not only notice that you’re awake but be reveling in the fact that you are, and feeling the enthusiasm that you’re awake and alive and anew in your body, with so many things you’ve already pre-paved, pre-planned, you’ve already put into your vortex, that Source is already on, that have been orchestrated on your behalf, so many things that are all cued up waiting for you, so many things that are going to pop; they’re going to manifest, you’re going to realize them. AH

So, I’m glad that AOL’s post that Monday was officially the most depressing day of the year, led to so many really fruitful discussions about setting and maintaining our vibe, free from the interference of others. And, I think my take-away from this is that I really need to change my morning routine.

I plan to work on establishing a good feeling vibe, knowing that I have that re-set advantage first thing in the morning. I really can’t wait to see what could be possible in 30 days of making that a priority. I’ve just decided that this is my New Year’s Resolution, just this. Because if I can do this, no other resolutions will really be necessary. You’ll find me on a high-flying disc, in a super high vibration, basking in the accomplishment of owning my vibration. I hope you’ll join me and let me know how it goes for you.




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