Okay, maybe 68 seconds and you’re on your way to Joy, seriously!  In “How to Allow,” I explain how your positive thoughts are exponentially more powerful than any negative thoughts you put out there.  What a relief!  When I first started learning about vibration, I was afraid that I would have to undo years of negative thoughts with an equal number of positive thoughts.  I was pretty sure I wouldn’t have enough time to ever wipe the slate clean.

Our positive thoughts are so much more powerful because they are made of the energy that creates worlds.  They’re surely powerful enough to create happiness in your home or increase the size of your bank account.  And, you can leverage this powerful energy to accomplish things far more quickly and with far less effort than you expended when you were in a lower level vibration.  It’s like you’re working with thousands of helpers rather than one hand tied behind your back.

What is almost amazing and great to know, is that a thought reaches a point where it gathers some creative power after only 17 seconds of pure undiluted focus.  Yes, you read that correctly, only 17 seconds!  After 17 seconds it draws another similarly vibrating thought to it and becomes exponentially more powerful.  That’s why that original pivoting or shifting to even one positive thought from a negative thought is so important.  If you can focus there for only 17 seconds, you’ve already begun to attract more positive thoughts, making it much easier to create some momentum and continue along that path.

Now after 34 seconds of pure focus, the next thought form combusts and ratchets up to an even higher level of energy.  Once you’ve continued a pure strain of positive thought for 68 seconds (just 4 of those 17 second segments), you’ve added enough force to it that the object of your focus is on its way to manifestation.  Now you only need to continue to focus as often as you can on the positive side of your desire rather than the thing you’re hoping to change.

Seventeen seconds is a very small segment of time in our world, yet most of us contradict our pure positive thought even within that 17-second segment.  Imagine yourself thinking, I really want to get that position, but there are so many qualified people applying for it. Or, I’d really like to get a new car; I’m certainly due for one, but it’s too expensive for me right now. So, it’s really important to be aware of how you’re thinking (by paying attention to how you’re feeling) and to make that 17, 34 or 68 seconds of thought pure, positive and undiluted!

The spiritual teachers known as Abraham (www.abraham-hicks.com) have offered that 17 seconds of pure positive thought is worth about 2000 hours of action taken.  I find that mind-boggling.  And, 68 seconds is worth about 2,000,000 hours of effort!  If you can really get a handle on the power of your positive focus and believe in it, there is no way you would not find the time to stop for 68 seconds or more several times a day to visualize a positive outcome to a situation in your life you’d like to improve.  Think of this as leveraging your energy.

I used to find it difficult to even sit down and visualize something for 68 seconds of pure undiluted thought.  I’d invariably find myself back to focusing on what I was trying to change.  The major tools in “How to Allow” provide a great foundation for being able to purely focus on your desires for a longer period of time and for being sensitive to negative thinking when it crops up, allowing you to make a change more quickly to where you want to be focused.  I believe it becomes  much easier when you practice the daily rituals from “How to Allow.”

I have to imagine (and intend to)  that everyone reading this is willing to focus on something positive in their lives or something they desire for 68 seconds a few times a day.  It works for me and is a great tool to have when you’re working at learning How to Allow.  And, it sure takes the heat off when you realize that you don’t have to be so worried about occasional negative thinking when your realize that your positive thinking is exponentially more powerful and can bring you anything you desire.

Let me know how it works for you!  I always look forward to hearing from you.



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