How could your day become better starting right now?

This simple mindset adjustment can make every day better.  It takes very little time, doesn’t require that you leave the room, or that you even engage with anyone else.  It doesn’t matter what anyone else around you happens to be doing.  In fact, it’s a nice tool to have in your toolkit when the things you are observing could benefit from some improvement.

This is you doing you.

Abraham Hicks calls this “segment intending,” and I’ve known about this means of improving my vibration for a very long time.  It’s occurred to me recently, as I’m helping my clients to shift their vibration, that I could be using this tool far more often.  It definitely has a lot of bang for the buck. Sometimes, we need to be reminded of things that have worked for us and revisit them.  Often, because we’ve been expanding and now know more, a tool can feel like a fresh approach and work even better!

I love a particular description of segment intending from Abraham in that it feels like a way of easily reclaiming our power!

As you’re going through your day, realize it when you are entering into a new segment.  Decide that you are “staking a vibrational claim” to the next segment of time.

Let your intention be that you are going to get out ahead of it.   A new segment could be when you are making a phone call, sending an email, or starting a meeting at work.  It could be when you are with others and a new person is entering the mix.

A new segment might be as you get in your car to go somewhere new or run an errand.  It could be when you sit down to pay some bills.  It could be when you arrive at home from an errand or work.  It could be when you begin making your breakfast or before walking your dog.

A new segment could be when you greet your partner or your kids or your pet or when you allow yourself to relax after a long day of work.

None of these “segments” stand out as particularly dramatic or life-changing moments.  Yet, when we set an intention for what lies ahead in a conscious way, that segment is enhanced.  And, that can lead to a ripple effect where you find yourself changing the quality of your entire day.  It is also likely to uplevel the quality of the days that follow.  This doesn’t involve looking at something from the past and trying to clean up what you’ve been living.  Instead, the notion is to take a moment to visualize or daydream or imagine how you would like your next segment to play out.

Before you send the email you might think of the person you are communicating with and something you like about them.  You could then think about what you’d like to accomplish by reaching out to them.  You could imagine the entire communication going smoothly and resulting in the perfect outcome.

In making your breakfast, you could perhaps be feeling rushed and that you’re already behind schedule and need to get on it.  You could decide deliberately to hit pause and remind yourself that you intend to enjoy your breakfast, that actually you have plenty of time, and that you’re choosing to feel good before you begin working or working on your to-do’s for the day.

When you’re heading out for an errand, you could intend to find exacly what you need easily, and to engage with fun or interesting or like-minded people.  This would be the flip side of remembering that the last time you went to that particular place there was lots of traffic and the store was missing the very thing you needed. Instead, your’re intending ease and enjoyment.


If your segment involves exercising or taking a walk, you could hit pause and think about how you feel good about making that choice.  You could choose to listen to a podcast that you like or enjoy the nature around you.  This would be the flip side of thinking that you really need to exercise more and need to get it done so that you can get back to work.

And, of course, this idea of segment intending can work really well with things that we think of as important or bigger, such as an important work call or a job interview or a first date.  We want to think about how we would love for things to go.  We could imagine the person interviewing us loving our ideas and jotting them down.  We could imagine the call to a client or colleague being easy, efficient and moving things forward easily.  We could imagine meeting a fun person we’d like to see again.

What we’re doing when we make a decision to consciously enter different segments of our day, is creating the best kind of momentum.  As each of those segments goes better than it might have, our vibration rises.  And what follows can only be a match to that improved vibration.

As Abraham stated so perfectly:

Just for a bit, let your intent be; I’m going to get out ahead of it.  I’m going to find snatches of time, and I’m going to let myself daydream. Everything that you have desired is vibrationally active and is in the process of calling the components there.  That’s your true point of attraction.  The vortex will begin demonstrating to you in daydreams.  In that purity, there is power. There is no contradicting it with any kind of reality. It can become more and more frequent.  Let your mind get rolling with it.  Once you get hold of a piece of it, things will line up right away.  Things can line up in 2-3 minutes.

I invite you to give this a try.  This can be one of those things that is not only easy but reminds you that everything can be easier if we allow it to be.  You will be bringing your best mindset to the segments of your day.  And you will feel so much better in the process.

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