I stumbled upon (synchronistically), something that was posted in the Law of Attraction Results Group by Marilyn Holtzman, which was just too good to ignore.  I think I’ll be listening to and watching this Bashar video on YouTube many times.  It is so full of wisdom and tackles an issue that snags all of us at one time or another.

I want to remind anyone who may have overlooked or missed a recent post on prosperity, where I discussed the amazing prosperity teachings of William Randolph Price, and the premise that our awareness of and belief in the existence of the Christ Consciousness or Infinite Intelligence within us, which is constantly creating everything to meet our needs, is the source of our abundance or prosperity.  Prosperity or money is not something “out there,” but is completely an inside job.  When we have that awareness or knowing of the constant creation which is taking place within, our needs are being met.  We need only Allow ourselves to line up with it by seeing ourselves as prosperous and recognizing the prosperity and abundance that we already do have.  This incredible wisdom still resonates in a big way with me and I encourage anyone to do the prosperity meditations which I referenced in a link in the blog post.  I’ve definitely had real measurable results and others have reported the same.  And, the prosperity has flowed in unexpected ways.    images-2

What I think can make a tremendous addition to this way of thinking about abundance or prosperity, are a number of statements made by Bashar on the subject of Abundance, which really nail it, as far as I’m concerned.  From the mouth of Bashar, the true definition of abundance is, “The ability to do what you need to do when you need to do it.”  I suppose you could also consider it the ability to do what you “want” to do when you “want” to do it.  That might resonate better with some people.  Either way, it is a far different definition of abundance than the one we usually resort to.  What struck me as real gold was his statement that if we only recognize abundance as one symbol (i.e., money), then we are closing all the doors to the ways abundance might come in other forms.  Why would we want to do that?

Unknown He asks why we should care how abundance comes to us and suggests that we relax our insistence that it can only come in a certain way.  Someone might give us something.  We might find something.  We all have an abundance of “something.”  He emphatically stated that the Universe does not create more than it is capable of supporting, so if we exist at all, we have the support we need.  We are unconditionally supported by creation and need only allow the abundance to reach us in a way we need it at the moment.  As stated by Bashar, “It already works; you don’t have to do anything to make it work.”

He also said, not only must there be enough for you, but that it must come in a form that is actually relevant for what represents your highest excitement, your highest preference.  We must allow synchronicity to show us what our kind of abundance can be at any give moment.  And, it will change at different times and under different circumstances for our benefit.

That certainly resonated with me, but what really gave me pause, even though I do know this, is his statement that  “the Universe is willing to support you in anything you say is true about yourself.”  You could be saying, “I am hateful, lazy, poor, undeserving,” or you could be saying “I am creative, I am loving, I am worthy, I am deserving of abundance.”  Nothing in existence will contradict you.  It will reflect whatever you have said is true in that moment.  You have the ability to create who and what you are and that freedom is given to you through your passion, joy and excitement, if you choose.  And, our statement to the Universe of Who We Really Are would certainly be part of our vibration when it comes to our worthiness of abundance.

What I think is left completely wide open by this discussion, which contains so much wisdom, are the many different ways we could define abundance in our own lives.  We all have such different desires and perspectives.  And, I believe that deserves a great deal of focused thought.  Because abundance is abundance is abundance; if abundance for you is freedom to pursue your hobby, your naturally high vibration as you engage in what you love is also attracting abundance in all of its other forms.  If abundance for you is having time to spend with your family, your appreciation of that time is attracting more of that and more of all types of abundance that work for you.  So, with this approach, as has been suggested many times, we can create more abundance in our lives by taking money out of the equation.  Yep, there it is again.  And, it couldn’t be more true.  Because sometimes it is simply too difficult to focus upon creating money in a pure way when we really believe we have a lack of money.images

And, I love the emphasis on the Universe being willing to support us in anything we say is true about ourselves.  It really is not that hard to find some things about ourselves that are deserving of praise.  We all have plenty of good qualities to focus upon and to communicate to the Universe that they are the truth about us.  We are all worthy just by virtue of embarking on this life adventure.  And, most of us are loving, and deserving and lots more.

So, if we are able to tell the truth, the real truth about ourselves, our highest selves, and to appreciate the abundance we already have in our lives in so many different forms, we will inevitably attract the abundance and prosperity and exactly what the Universe has lined up for us.  It will reflect back to us whatever we have said is true in that moment.  None of this approach seems that difficult in comparison either to trying to focus on dollars if we don’t have dollars already, or send out to the Universe outdated beliefs about ourselves that are a mere shadow of who we’ve become on this journey to become more deliberate creators.

I’d love to hear some different ways that you might define abundance in your life.  There must surely be thousands.  And, if we can attract one form of abundance, we should know that we can also attract any other form, including the seemingly elusive financial abundance.  Let’s just leave it out of the equation for now and see what happens.



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