The good news is that it’s become clear throughout this year that working hard at trying to manage the Law of Attraction to create the things that we want in our lives is actually slowing down the creation of what we want in our lives.  What’s also become clearer is that we can be the most powerful creators when we are actually in a state of peacefulness about where we are right now.  I don’t ordinarily think of the words “Powerful” and “Peaceful” as being closely aligned, but I understand now that they are more related than I imagined before.

We’ve heard that life is a journey, sometimes so often that it can prove to be an annoying reminder that we aren’t enjoying the journey as much as we’d like.  We’re still holding out for what we’ve created in our vibrational reality, our vortex, and then we’ll finally be enjoying the journey.

In an recent quote from the spiritual teachers Abraham, they put it quite simply and yet powerfully:  “We want wherever you are on the emotional scale to be all right because there is no end to the ecstasy of what you have the potential to become.  You’re never going to stop being at the beginning of your journey so you need to make peace with it.”

When I wrote “How to Allow,” my major intent was to create a simple course, simple rituals that people could follow so that they wouldn’t work so hard at it.  I found myself working too hard at it and knew that others must be struggling with the same issues.  It’s become more and more obvious that our major goal is to create an emotional state, that our emotional state is our first manifestation, our first evidence that the things we desire are on their way to us.  And, even more importantly, that we need to make peace with wherever we might find ourselves on the emotional scale, acknowledging our desire to raise our vibration, but appreciating what’s brought us to the place we now find ourselves.

It keeps coming back to making peace with where we are right now, no matter where that might be.  It’s where all of our power lies and it’s the foundation for creating everything we want in our lives, for our expansion as powerful creators.

So, we desire, we expect, we hope, we think confidently about our futures but, always appreciating that where we are right now is okay.  If we hadn’t had all of the experiences and growth that we’ve had, we wouldn’t have the knowledge that we have right now, the knowledge that we can be, do or have anything we want starting right now.

How do we reconcile our desire for growth, for taking things to the next level, with the necessity of making peace with where we are?

Abraham put it so well recently:

This is the tripping point.  I accept where I am, like it pretty good, I know that there’s more, and I want it now.  You can’t have it both ways.  If you accept where you are and you know it will evolve, then there’s something about the complete acceptance of where you are that allows everything that you’ve been asking for to come in the comfortable, incremental way you’ve been asking for it.  This is the missing piece.  This is the piece that conceptually makes sense.  You’ve just got to practice it.  When you feel angst dissolve and that comfortable feeling ensue, you find yourself shifting emotionally into the vortex with nothing changing that you can see, but it doesn’t need to change because you’ve accomplished what you really wanted anyway because you’ve shifted into the vortex. . . Now that you’re in there you have clearer view and now all this inspiration and manifestation of all of this stuff that you really want starts revealing itself to you.  Your vortex is accomplishing the manifestation.

You take it to the next level:

By making peace with this level. . . You acknowledge that there’s always another level, you don’t know when you’ll get there or how it will show up but you acknowledge that it will be there, you appreciate with everything you are right where you stand, you release all resistance about where you are, you allow the next level to reveal itself to you.  .   .   .   . When you accept that where you are is perfect, but you acknowledge generally that there’s another level and you know that it’s coming, then you just go and it is sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet.  And people who are watching you don’t understand your magic because you’re not breaking a sweat.

So, for 2012, perhaps resolving to allow more peacefulness about where we find ourselves, less of a sense of urgency about the things we are excited about changing in our lives, and an appreciation of our unlimited potential, is the way to find our true power.  I, for one, am going to make more of an effort to appreciate every little thing that I have because there’s always so much to appreciate even as I look forward to incredible expansion and adventure.  Happy New Year to all and wishing you a peaceful and powerful 2012.  

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