This will be a quick read and a quick fix.


This quick fix is awesome, but I do want to make it clear that I’m definitely not suggesting that you immediately bury recurring negative emotions that get triggered at times. That’s not helpful!  But there’s a fix for that, which could help you to maintain a vibration that’s a much closer match to your desires!  And, that matching vibration is essential to having the life you choose.

Before we jump to the quick fix, at some prior moment you will want to have acknowledged those difficult thoughts, felt them, thought about different possible perceptions, and set the intention to release them as much as you possibly can.  And, the more often you go through that process, the easier it becomes to release those thoughts in a way that they no longer continue creating your current and future reality. 


By the way, I have a very powerful process that lots of people have found helpful for releasing merely annoying negative thoughts, not the more difficult thoughts about painful experiences we are addressing here.  That process for releasing the annoying nits or sabotaging thoughts is in my book, You’re Not Stuck–Let the Law of Attraction Allow Life to Happen for You and Start Living an Awesome Life.  It’s simple, effective, fits on one page, and some even use it as their screensaver! 


What I’m referring to here are those sometimes very painful and discouraging thoughts about events that occurred in the past.  These are the ones that can ruin a good day or derail us from the vibration we’ve been working hard to create and maintain.  Something went down, it wasn’t good, it hurt, and we may sometimes blame “it” for anything that isn’t working in our lives now.


It’s pretty easy to go to that place, as often those experiences that were truly distressing and SHOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED have had a major effect on where we find ourselves now.  But, we have the power to change that.  Every now moment is an opportunity for a fresh start. 


Bearing in mind that you will want to have worked on releasing that painful memory or diminishing its importance, and are now focusing forward, this is a quick fix for the times that the very unwanted thought still pops up.


When the thought of that difficult experience arises, think of it as one more opportunity to lessen its importance in your life and remind yourself that the experience “MADE YOU STRONGER.”  Nearly every one of those things that we would rather hadn’t happened actually caused us to handle things we hadn’t handled before.  We had to summon resources we may not have used before. We had to use whatever we had to get through it and move forward.  And, when we did that, we became STRONGER.


And, being STRONGER is a valuable skill to have for all of the new and wonderful things we want to create in our lives.  Thinking that the #$%**ing thing that happened actually helped you to know more, handle more, be more, is so much better than feeling stuck and damaged or like a victim. 


If those thoughts come up for me, I immediately respond with “MADE ME STRONGER.”  And often after thinking those three simple words, the thought evaporates.  I think you will be surprised at how it gets easier and easier to use that response and actually let that *%##&!ing thought go far, far away from where you are now creating your new and improved reality. And it’s so  much easier to create that new reality without that interference. 


I’d love to hear how that works for you.


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