Wait, what, you worry sometimes?  You’re worried about something right now? Actually, if there is someone out there who NEVER worries, please get in touch.  I’d like to know your secret.


Nearly all of us worry occasionally.  Yet, most of us who understand how the Law of Attraction works, that is, that we are creating our reality with the thoughts we think, are trying to minimize the amount of worrying we are doing.  Yikes, that sounds a bit like worrying about worrying.  That is definitely not the solution we’re heading toward here.


By coming into this life, deciding to mix it up and be a conscious creator of our reality, we are going to want things.  That’s the way we pull the energy that creates worlds through us and the way we grow and expand.  As A-Hicks has pointed out, all worry means is that we want something different than what we are worried about.  That sounds a little less, um, worrisome.


We know how the Law of Attraction works: (1) we think about what we’d prefer; (2) the Universe responds to the energy of our desire and goes to work to create it, boom; and (3) we get our vibration into the positive state that matches the positive vibration of our desire.  Then our desire moves into our lives.  So, step three is really our only work.


So, a great go-to thought when we find ourselves in a loop of negative emotion or worry is that we have created the solution at the same moment we are engaging in those negative thoughts.  We’ve thought about what we want and then we’ve moved into worrying that it won’t happen.  We’ve already put the desire out there.  We just can’t yet see the solution, because we’re still focused upon the problem.


When we can own the fact that we are worrying and realize that we are also creating a solution to our problem at the same moment, it can become much easier to release the worrisome thoughts. In the absence of worry, the solution will occur to us.


It’s not important to know how the solution will come.  It may come in the form of an idea, an article, a song lyric, a text, an email, a blog post, a phone call.  Often other people are the conduit for the solution we are looking for.  Nice to know that we are sometimes also those conduits for others.


When we remind ourselves that we have created the solution just as we’ve had a thought of “Yikes, it might go the wrong way,” the worrisome thought can begin to move toward a feeling more in the range of satisfaction.  And the feeling of satisfaction is in the vibrational range of our solution.


Actually, a feeling of satisfaction is very close to the pure vibration of all of the things that we desire.


The best thing we can do is to get out in front of our worry a bit more often.  We need to set the intention that we want to be more aware of our Divine Guidance, and quickly shift out of worrisome thoughts.  Those thoughts are just the opposite thoughts of what we actually want.  We can flip them.  We can focus upon the fact that we know how the laws work, that the Universe supports us, and that shifting our thoughts can quickly bring on the evidence that our solution is on its way and then the solution itself!


We don’t need to be perfect. We just need to intend to nip those thoughts that aren’t helpful in the bud.  Remind ourselves that we’ve just created the solution and that we can relax a bit more.  And, feeling that shift to a feeling of satisfaction feels so much better than worry.


We’ve got this. 


Let’s not worry about it,


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