Creating our best lives by leveraging the energy of the Universe only requires embracing and having faith in a couple of essential truths.

There are several things that most of us know and understand that don’t require any major leap of faith.  We know that our thoughts become things.  We know that things that are a vibrational match to our thoughts show up in our lives  We know that our only job is to get into vibrational alignment with the vibration of our desires.  That’s it.  It’s just the way the laws work.

So what are those two essential foundations for creating the lives of our dreams?  We need to trust that the Universe is always supporting us, operating on our behalf, and that life is actually meant to be good for us.  And we also need to trust ourselves to line up with that pure positive energy of the Universe, at least some of the time.

Most of us have come to accept and appreciate the idea of a loving and supportive Universe.  Where we sometimes get tripped up is maintaining that confidence in ourselves, that is, that we can put ourselves into and maintain vibrational alignment with the high-flying energy of the Universe,

We know we are not happy at every moment, that we sometimes have angst and frustration, and that we’re not always in perfect alignment.  While it feels like a tall order to match the vibration of our desires with our own vibration, what can ease that burden is knowing that we don’t always have to be a beacon of pure positive energy to create lots of amazing things in our lives.

In fact, we never intended to live this human life without at least a bit of contrast so that we could figure out what we actually do want in order to evolve and expand our consciousness.

So the job doesn’t require perfection.  Our work really involves being aware of how we’re feeling more often.  It involves making our vibration and feeling good our top priorities.  Maintaining our good vibrations should come before jumping through lots of the hoops that we often think we need to jump through, pleasing others, doing lots of things we think we should do but that we don’t enjoy.  In fact, there are fewer of those hoops, those required actions, when we focus more on maintaining a good vibe as often as we can.

So, knowing that the Universe is calling us toward just what we want and knowing that we don’t need to be perfect but just feel as good as we can as often as we can, can make our whole job feel much easier.

And we can even get some help with that job.

I love this way of starting the day, and it just feels so much better than feeling like we are in this on our own.

When we awaken in the morning, we can thank our Guides, the Universe, Source, Infinite Intelligence, or whatever feels best to us for support.  I like to thank the Universe in advance rather than ask, which demonstrates faith that I’m being heard and supported.  These words can be truly magical.

Thank you Universe for:

Bringing me new ideas.

Helping me rendezvous with like-minded people.

Helping me be aware of my Power.

Leading me to thoughts that are in harmony with my core desires.

Bringing me evidence of how this all works in comfortable, humorous ways.


That should about do it.  Abraham suggests that when we make those statements and ponder them for three days in a row, our life will be transformed because the Universe will knock itself out to honor our wishes.

Three days seems pretty reasonable to me and could create a pretty fun ride, full of coincidences, unexpected events, and those good feelings that are what we are really hoping to create anyway when we manifest any of our desires!

Let me know what you experience when you begin your day with these simple words of thanks.  You can reach me at

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