There have been funny remarks over the last few days in some of the Abraham forums on how there seem to be coaches for everything.  Coach Laura Gevanter of Present Tense Coaching, pointed out that apparently there are now “beauty” coaches.  I don’t think I even want to get started on that right now.  But, I do know that both the appearance we present to the world and our physical health, have a huge effect on our level of happiness and hence, how we’re vibrating.  I’ve definitely noticed that I have a much better day when I don’t leap into working in clothes I’d rather not be seen in sans makeup.  Each time I see myself in the mirror, there’s that slight twinge, the thought that I can do better than this.  I don’t ascribe to Billy Crystal’s famous quip that it is more important to “look maahvalous than feel maahvalous,” but I do know for sure that I feel better when I make a bit of an effort to look like the kind of person I aspire to be, a prosperous, best-selling author and coach in high demand.  Not to mention a great wife, mom, friend, sibling and daughter.  But the dress code is usually more relaxed for those roles.

So, without resorting to being a beauty coach, I have been wanting to mention for some time a wonderful quote from Abraham and some things I’ve learned about the effect of your vibration on the way you present yourself to the world and the reaction you receive from the people you interact with.  And, it’s pretty nice to know how you have more control over this aspect of your life than the plastic surgeons and other docs would lead you to believe.  And, of course, this same process of vibrational alignment applies to anything else you’d like to attract into your life.

Abraham has said:

You can reduce lines in your face, you can receive a psychic vibrational facelift, you can regenerate your heart valves, you can restore the fillings in your teeth, you can add marrow back to your bones, you can add resiliency back to your joints – there is not one of you – if they can take a cell from your toe and create a whole another you from the cell from your toe, we think that there is enough regenerative power to get what you want, you see.  But you can’t get there from a place of being unhappy with being where you are. Because while you are summoning, you are blocking at the same time.

I know it seems hard to believe that we can actually reduce the lines in our faces and regenerate our joints, but I’ve seen enough to know that this is true and it feels so much more powerful than thinking that we are stuck with decline.  If you are familiar with Florence Scovel Shinn, a prolific author who was far ahead of her time, you may have read about the woman who decided that she wanted to reverse the signs of aging on her face and would spend a short time each day looking in the mirror asking the lines to soften and for her more youthful appearance to return.  And the lines softened and she regained her more youthful appearance.  Catherine Ponder, another amazing author on the subject of deliberate creation, tells a similar story of a woman using affirmations to the same effect and literally reversing the signs of aging she had developed.  And she retained her youthful appearance throughout her lifetime.

And, I don’t know if they were only trying to humor me, but when I ran into a couple I had not seen in about four years, they told me that I looked ten years younger.  Hmm, so that’s a fourteen-year span.  They were being very generous, I’m sure, but still, there may be something there.  Granted, they could’ve been just being nice, but it did make my day and during that period I had discovered the power of allowing Source Energy to flow through me and had begun taking time each day to Allow that to occur through meditation.  And, I was also expecting real physical improvement and reverse-aging.   I received similar comments from others who I had not seen for several years while I was living on the west coast.  Anyway, I am going to take the complements and make the best of them! I do know that I have more sparkle, and more of a youthful appearance when I’ve worked on lining up my vibration.   And, I believe that the effects can be lasting.

When we accept that everything is vibration, and that our thoughts are creating the life we are living, it should come as no surprise that we could bring the cells of our body into alignment, thereby curing anything that’s ailing us and even changing our appearance given enough focus on health and inattention to what’s been bothering us.

I’ve experienced that specifically with my own back, which I mention in “How to Allow.”  I literally became completely free of back and leg pain after being almost incapacitated, within a day of reading a book on the mind-body connection and modern “bad backs.”  I have to admit that recently I had allowed that pain to return by some resistant thinking and was beginning to develop panicky feelings that maybe there’s something really wrong here.  Maybe I will need to go see a doctor.  Maybe I have something serious that’s causing this pain.  And, then last week I began re-reading the book on releasing back pain, and each day since then the pain has decreased.  All sorts of physical movements, which caused pain last week, are causing minimal or no pain.  So, now I know I’m back on my way to flexibility and freedom from pain.

So, if we can deliberately give ourselves a “vibrational face lift” and eliminate debilitating pain by reading and relaxing, does this tell us something about how we can really create anything we want in our lives, like a new job, an improved relationship, a bigger bank account?

It’s all part of the same process of making peace with where we are and creating the emotion that matches what we want.  Emotion first, manifestation follows.  And, it’s so comforting to know that when we create that positive emotion, it’s our early evidence of what’s coming.

What else is possible?  I’d love to hear some of your stories.



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