This isn’t a trick question. You may have answered immediately, “Oh hell yeah, I’m ready. I’ve been ready for so long and nothing has changed.” Or, perhaps very little has changed. You do get how this works, right? We all have that same power that created the Universe, and keeps our planet in orbit, coursing through us. We are that power. We are spiritual beings here for the adventure. But, it often doesn’t feel like much of an adventure. And, there’s a simple reason for that and we all need to get better at embracing just what it is we need to do to be ready for the things we desire to come into our lives.


This Infinite Intelligence, Source Energy, God, the Universe, our Inner Being is creating everything that we think of, good and bad. It is taking our thoughts and is constantly creating. This energy created our planet and every form of life and it’s actually within us and available to us. How could it not create the things we want, which seem fairly paltry in comparison? Money, relationships, interesting work, connection, health. Those are the big things for us and they are not so much for Infinite Intelligence, as in, they are easy. They are our birthright.


The important quality that determines whether these things that are constantly being created for us actually come into our lives is whether we are ready for them. And, just how could we be ready?


If we are looking back and rehashing what has gone wrong we are not ready. If we are mired in our current circumstances, feeling stuck, lost at sea, we are not ready. If we think the things we desire are a huge leap from where we are we’re not ready. If we are worrying about money or our health or anything else we’re not ready.




I recently heard this state of readiness called being “ready to be ready.” I love that! If we’re not ready to be ready we can’t get there from here. If our vibration is more about where we are or where we’ve been or how we got here, we just can’t tune into the creations that are waiting for us, already perfectly designed to be just as we want.


So, how do we get ready to be ready? Quieting our minds at least once a day, even for a few minutes, puts us in a more neutral state where we are in a receptive mode, that is, ready. Checking in with ourselves throughout the day to notice how we are really thinking and making a shift to thoughts of appreciation puts us in a state of readiness.


Make a list each day of what is working in your life right now and you are moving into a state of satisfaction, appreciation, hmmm, even readiness.


When you’ve made the decision to stop dwelling on the past and do your best to remain calm about the future, appreciating what is working, you’re moving into that sweet spot where you are ready. When you’re in this state of readiness, the ideas flow and the ideas are awesome, and the people and events turn up that conspire together to provide you with just what you desire. You get the email, the phone call, the check in the mail, the answer to your question. It flows.


We need to remember that our Inner Being is busy, always busy, turning our thoughts to things. We merely need to be ready to rendezvous with those things by being ready.


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