It would be so much easier to stay in alignment with our natural Well-Being if there were no problems in our lives that needed solving.  It is generally our focus on our problems that is the very thing that keeps us out of our vibrational vortex where all of our solutions lie.  All of our good things, including the solutions to every one of our problems, are ready and waiting in our vibrational reality for us to line up with them.

It’s not our fault, really!  We were taught at an early age that we needed to take care of the problem presenting itself in our lives before we could go on to be happy.  After all, the problem wasn’t going to take care of itself.  Right?  Well, now we know that a focus on our problems is the best way of ensuring that they continue to be problems.  If we want to lose the problems, we need to be solution-oriented, removing our focus from the problem and turning our attention to solutions that will be obvious to us if we choose better feeling thoughts about the situation.

Another reason to let ourselves off of the hook when we seem to be confronting problems in our lives, is that life is meant to have at least a few small problems.  It’s the contrast in our experience that causes us to expand.  We look at a situation, see room for improvement, and put out our request to Infinite Intelligence for a better version of the situation. And the truly amazing thing, which we often take for granted, is that Infinite Intelligence responds to our request, every time and immediately.

What can help to make it lots easier to become a “Problem Solver” is to understand and appreciate that for everything in our lives there is both a positive and negative end of the spectrum.  We can place our focus on either end. It helps to view the circumstance or event as a wave, which is comprised of both positive and negative energy.  In this wave of energy the problem and solution are created at exactly the same time.  We need to ask ourselves then, where are we along that wave as the perceiver of the problem?

For me, what makes it much easier to turn my focus away from the problem, to the point of sometimes ignoring it entirely, is this incredible knowledge that the Universe is already at work on the solution. It’s there, it’s waiting, it’s easy.  I just need to raise my vibration to match it.  It’s this knowledge of the way things really work that can give us the faith, the belief, and eventually the knowing, that everything is being worked out for us.  We don’t have to struggle through it.  We just have to find a way to appreciate the best aspects of the situation, maintain a positive expectation that the solution is on its way and find a way to be happy in the meantime.  Tough price to pay, huh?

In “How to Allow,” the course and e-book, I give some examples where I was able to do exactly that, surprising even myself by how easy it was.  I perceived a problem, maybe got annoyed briefly, did my daily process which is the heart of “How to Allow,” and then let it go.  The solution appeared within a day or two with absolutely no further action on my part.

I wish I could say that I am always able to do that.  I’m not; but I’m working on it.  In the meantime, it helps to remember that the minute a problem arises, the Universe is on it.  It’s time to turn your attention in the direction of the solution, choosing the best way of thinking about it that’s available to you.  And, it helps to keep a sense of humor in the process.

For any 30 Rock fans, you may remember the episode where the characters Tracy and Jenna, who cause virtually every problem that arises on the show, decided that they were “Problem Solvers,”  complete with t-shirts bearing their new status.  It wasn’t surprising that by the end of the episode they were both wearing t-shirts that said only “Problem.” Kind of helps to keep things in perspective when we realize that problems can be short-lived and we don’t have to solve them on our own.  When we realize that we become true “Problem Solvers.”  Hey, where can I get one of those t-shirts?

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