Nearly everyone I know and every client I’ve worked with has felt that at some point they received some sort of sign from the Universe.  And, most have been confused about whether what they received was actually a sign.  Interpreting the sign has generally led to more confusion.  We need to get a handle on this so that we can benefit as much as possible from what’s being offered to us.


Most of us are beginning to discount “coincidences,” realizing that everything is happening in response to our energy.  Although, there are a few hold-outs, some I know VERY WELL.  And, you know who you are.  Many of us are also more aware that the Universe, our Inner Being, is constantly flowing to us and trying to guide us.


The very interesting thing about this is that we are assisting the Universe in delivering our own signs.  A-Hicks explains that your Inner Being knows where you stand and is calling you through your path of least resistance.  Things that become symbolic to us are valuable to our Inner Beings.  Our Inner Being wants to guide us and signs can be the best way to get our attention.


Therefore, our signs may be very unique to us.  Our Inner Being will use them incessantly to make a point.  The fact that we have chosen certain things as significant to us does not mean that the signs are unimportant.  They are hugely important in helping us to move forward on our best path.


Signs can be amazing and uplifting if we allow them to be.  It just requires that we pay attention to what shows up for us repeatedly.  Signs can be in the form of a song that we hear unexpectedly.  Birds often show up and just sit there, with a watchful eye on us. Butterflies can appear and even land on us.  Many of us see repeating number sequences, on the clock or on license plates.  Feathers or coins sometimes show up on our path.  The Universe is taking note of what we take note of and delivering more of it as a sign to pay attention.


As I’m writing this post and mentioned the way birds often deliver signs from the Universe, a bird just flew up against the window in front of my desk, with a loud thump.  It wasn’t hurt, thankfully, and just flew away.  I guess the Universe is listening and approves this message!



When we see or hear something that appears to be a sign, we want to notice what we were thinking at the moment.  Our Inner Being is trying to punctuate a point.  And, I recently had a great demonstration of just how this can work.


I was walking my dog, Buckley, and I began to have some thoughts regarding something that I felt some sadness about.  I had barely given it any airtime when I thought, “Wait, of course you are going to have a sad thought or two about that once in awhile.  It’s okay, it’s part of making peace with that.  You can’t ignore your feelings.  That’s how we eventually release these things.”  I immediately felt my energy shift from being annoyed with myself, to feeling like, “It’s okay to feel this, it’s part of your growth and you think about this a lot less now.”  It was a completely different feeling, a total shift in my energy, from sad to in control.  I had decided to shift my perspective and my vibration.


When I looked up, at the precise moment I shifted my thinking, there were four bluebirds that I hadn’t noticed as we approached.  They were all sitting on a guardrail in front of the lake I was passing.  And, they had allowed Buckley and I to get very close to them without moving.  As soon as I noticed them, they flew off, one at a time, as if they were in formation, kind of like an airshow.   By the way, you don’t see bluebirds here very often.  I had bought a bluebird house to try to attract them and I was hoping that some bluebirds would show up sometime.  Well, they showed up and then put on a show for me.  


The point that my Inner Being punctuated for me was that making that mental shift from being annoyed with myself for even having a sad thought, to realizing it was okay and that I was moving forward, was me being in alignment.  When I stopped judging myself and took a more aerial view, I changed my vibration and my momentum.  The Universe was giving me some applause for my efforts.  My Inner Being was telling me that the kind of shift I made is how we take control of the circumstances of our lives and become conscious creators.  And, I didn’t miss the point.  I hope this will help you to not miss the point as you begin to take more notice of the signs that are showing up just for you.


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