prayerAn interesting question about creating deliberately has come up in several unrelated conversations lately, and so it strikes me that it’s worth considering. It is something I’ve been thinking of for awhile and suddenly it seems to be popping up all around me and in sessions with clients.

I think that many of us in our conversations with the Universe, our prayers, our consultations with non-physical beings who can help us with our missions, are asking, asking, asking, “Please show me what to do to get out of this. Please, please show me a sign or a lead as to my next step.” I know I’ve definitely asked these questions before. And, usually when I ask in that sort of pleading way, it’s often as if the phone lines are down. No answer. Just silence.

On the other hand, I’ve recently begun a new practice of making a list in the morning of what I’m going to do today and what I’m delegating to the Universe (with appreciation, of course). It’s very definite. I am stating what I’m doing and what I am delegating to get the most leverage from my Higher Self and everyone else who is helping me. And, when I do that, I don’t just get silence. I think I mentioned a recent example where I delegated to the Universe, “Please show me that my children adore me.”  I think I just needed the boost at the moment. Later that day at lunch with a friend, she looked at a picture of my kids and didn’t say what you might expect like, “they look so happy, or they’re so attractive, or looks like they’re having fun.” She said, “They adore you.” Period. I have to admit I was kind of surprised. I delegated and I got an immediate response in a pretty surprising and funny way.

Similarly, I delegated to the Universe while lying on the beach with my family last weekend, next to my daughter whom I adore, admittedly also drinking a piña colada (so this may have been The Perfect Storm of Good Things), “show me that the miracles I’m asking for are happening in my life right now.” Within a few seconds, someone yelled, “Hey look at all the dolphins!” And a huge group of dolphins didn’t just swim by, but swam back and forth in front of where we were hanging out on the beach.  So, I delegated and got an answer, not silence.  I received a really creative, fun response to my request.

I’ve also delegated to the Universe, linking me up with more like-minded people and recently those kindred spirits have come out of the woodwork. I’ve connected with at least five people in the last couple of weeks who are so fun to talk to and who showed up seemingly out of nowhere.  All of the connections were really totally unexpected.  And, while I’ve been writing this post, a client proposed a book club for LOA savvy women, focused on owning our power and using it to create deliberately.  Hmmm, interesting.

Forgive me if I’ve mentioned any of these manifestations in brief posts to FB LOA Results, but there are so illustrative of the questions surrounding this issue of how we ask the Universe for what we want that I thought they were worth mentioning.  Examples are always our greatest teachers.

So, what’s striking me now and what I’ve concluded by sharing this issue with others is that by asking, “Please Universe just show me something to get me out of this or to get this,” we may be asking the wrong question. By supplicating, asking or pleading in such a way, we’re acknowledging that it’s not working out right now, and so the Universe responds by continuing to support us in “It’s not working out.”

When you ask a question and don’t get an answer, it’s because it’s the wrong question; the Universe doesn’t have an answer because it doesn’t serve you. The right question is the one that serves you.  What’s been suggested is that we tell the Universe, “This is what I’m doing, this is what I’m having, and then let the Universe do it for you and take care of it on your behalf.”*

As you may gather, it’s a much more powerful, assertive stance and it assumes success. And, now I think I fully understand why I’ve been getting such nice responses to my to do list and my delegation of certain matters to the Universe.  My delegations to Source Energy have been more affirmative, positive, and demonstrate my belief in their truth and possibility as I’m putting them out there.  And, it’s always done with appreciation for the role of the Universe, of course.

Trust me, I’ve also had many, many of the other types of requests to the Universe, which seem to have been met with silence, and now I think I understand why. This also clears up something else for me about a technique with which I’ve had great success. I’ve written about “Afformations” in a post before referring to his first book, “The Little Book of Afformations,” by Noah St. John. His premise is that rather than state affirmations that you don’t have sufficient belief in, thereby sending a mixed vibe to the Universe, pose your desires as questions to the Universe. For example, “Why am I attracting so many like-minded people? Why is my business expanding so well? Why are so many people trying to help me? Why is more money coming into my life now?” This is all making a lot more sense to me now. These statements, these afformations posed as questions are legitimate questions; they are true in your vibrational reality and so they serve you. And, the Universe can answer them by showing you how they are also true in your physical reality.

I’ve used Afformations for a long time, especially when I find myself in some crazy loop of worry or negative thinking. It’s a pretty easy way to gain control of your thoughts and also some relief. When you pose your desires as questions, it takes all of the sting out of them. You don’t have to believe they are true right now, this instant. You are stating that you believe, you know, they are true in your non-physical reality (your Vortex) and that the Universe will demonstrate that to you with real evidence in your current circumstances.

Because we are really spiritual beings having a physical experience with the power of Infinite Intelligence flowing through us at all times, it does make more sense to tell the Universe what our plan is and let it take care of things for us in a better way than we may have imagined. If we have Source Energy within us, we are part of Source Energy, why would we beg and plead for a particular thing to come into our lives?  It’s as if we’re denying our own power as creators.  Asserting our intentions and delegating to gain the leverage of Infinite Intelligence makes much more sense.

inspiration prayer

That doesn’t mean there will be no action on our parts. There will be our intuition, our emotional guidance system, which will prompt us to inspired action.  We just won’t be slogging it out alone and wondering why we’re only hearing silence in response to our very earnest requests to the Universe. The Universe is only too happy to hear what we’ve got in store for ourselves and to jump on board to help us achieve it.

I like this way of approaching the Universe with our desires. And, while I’ve been using this approach a great deal, sometimes unwittingly,  I think I’m going to be relying on it much more often, because now it makes so much more sense to me as to why it works so well.

Oh, yeah, I almost forgot until this instant that I also delegated to the Universe not too long ago to “Show me how all of this works in amusing, fun ways.” And, here is my answer.  I just love the way the Universe handles things in such a cool way.

*I would like to thank Frank Butterfield (aka Paul and The Communion of Light) for their insight on this issue as well.  They can be found at




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