I hope you’re not.  But, I think most of us ask that question at one time or another.  We’re sitting where we are, which is not exactly where we had planned, and we’re asking “What’s wrong with me, or what did I do wrong?” While neither of those questions is helpful in moving into the vibration that will allow what we want to show up in our reality, asking “What’s wrong with me?” is a little farther down the vibrational scale than “What did I do wrong?”  In the first case, you’re labeling yourself as flawed, and it feels like it’s not something you can change very soon.  Doesn’t really create a feeling of deservingness does it?


I’m suggesting that we drop both of those questions when it comes to looking at where we are now.  I should no longer be surprised, but it still blows my mind at times, that the very situation that seemed like an issue, problem, maybe even a disaster, turns out to have led to better and better.  So, not only is there nothing wrong with us but we actually didn’t do anything wrong.  We may be getting just what we need from the situation to move forward from where we’ve been stuck.


There is nearly always a silver lining.  And, there is nearly always something that can be gathered from the “experience” that shows us how we are actually thinking and what faulty beliefs are active in our vibration.  If not for the negative situation that arose, we’d just be continuing the same pattern, perhaps with not such dramatic results, but why keep going down the same tired path?  


I’ve taken one for the team in a previous post about my “accident” where I flipped over my dog, Buckley, when he stopped short on his walk (stiiiillll blaming Buckley a little) and landed on my face, breaking my arm and sustaining a concussion.  Whoopee, wow, fun times. Can’t wait to do that again.  I would never want to repeat that accident ever and I’m not intending anything on that scale again.  Yet, I realized that I was in such a state of frustration and overwhelm and feeling out of control when that accident occurred.  And, then I made a point of changing my emotional state, my vibe.  And, while I was recovering everything that I had been overwhelmed and frustrated and angry about just moved forward without my participation.


Some of my clients have come to me with something resembling a Jerry Springer episode and, as you can imagine, there was a lot of blame and confusion.  There was definitely a lot of “What did I do wrong?”  While I don’t think anyone would be excited about repeating that kind of situation right out of bizzaro world, in nearly every case, the Jerry Springer episode led to a huge “ah-ha” moment, a complete change of vibration and empowerment.  It created a fresh beginning.


When you make yourself wrong, you create a block.  When you look at the situation for the gems it might have brought to the surface, you take your power back.  Very often our Inner Being is showing us those beliefs that are holding us back so that things can be different and better.  It’s possible that you and your Inner Being actually created the situation that seems to be a huge problem.  Really.  I get that now.  If you were able to look at the situation that has brought you grief as possibly intentional from some more aerial perspective, would it be easier to let it go and move forward and into your power?  Yep, the way energy works is that amazing.  There are such an unlimited number of possibilities surrounding us in our energy field that can lead us to where we want to go.  It’s kind of an “All roads lead to Rome,” situation and that feels like relief.


So, what would it take to begin having it your way?  When you hit a snag, look for the hidden knowledge or benefit. Maybe it is causing you to change your focus so that you stop resisting something else that needs to happen. Maybe it’s causing you to notice the way you’ve been thinking that is clouding your vibration.  You then could actually laugh when your Inner Being shows you a belief that is just ridiculous.  You could say thanks.  And, immediately you’d be creating momentum in the direction of what you want.  Your block is being disassembled.  


So, hit the pause button before you judge something as a disaster.  Remind yourself that it will pass, it will not seem important at some point in the future, that you are strong, that you’ve handled bigger things before, and that it is VERY LIKELY that there is a huge benefit to be gained and you’re going to be in a better place than you would have been.


I can say with certainty that for me, and virtually every coaching client I’ve worked with, something has gone awry, as in, something really unwanted has occurred, and later, usually sooner than later, something very good and unexpected comes from the dust of the storm.  And, it couldn’t have manifested without the change of awareness, the change of vibration that resulted from the so-called problem.  I think it could be called another form of getting “woke.”  And, that’s always a good thing.


If you’d like some help with disassembling your block(s), I’m happy to help.  Susan@howtoallow.net


I’d love to hear from you in the comments section if you’ve had a similar experience with rebounding from what seemed like a misstep.  It always helps to hear how others have handled contrast and moved forward.




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