In the best example I can think of at the moment, (and this should be relatable even to non-sports fans), there are athletes out there who operate as if they are in a parallel universe of absolute perfection.  When they are in their zone, it’s as if they are not thinking, not planning, not doubting.  They are so confident that they can do what they want to do in the moment that they just do it.  Aaaah, that’s where that Nike slogan came from!

There are some individuals who have achieved such a state of focus and belief in their ability to “dial in” that they act without any hesitation or uncertainty.  In a perfect example of this state of mind, some of the Golden State Warriors put on a performance for their fans as they warm up just before the game.  They walk around the court and drain shots from half court and beyond.  They turn around casually and throw up the ball and hit nothing but net as they are walking back into the locker room for final prep for the game.  It’s like a spectacle of total perfection.





It looks effortless.







I don’t know about you, but it feels pretty otherworldly to me.  It is acting “as if.”  They have decided and know that they are that person who can do that amazing feat, hit a shot from wherever they want and they just do it.  They don’t consider the other option, where they can’t get it done, where they fail.  It’s not in their zone.  It’s not in their headspace.  And, that’s the zone we all want to be in when there is someone that we really want to be and we don’t feel like we are there yet.

If you understand how the Law of Attraction works and how your vibration, the thoughts and images in your head, create your reality, this isn’t complete news to you.  These guys practice, and they practice a lot, but they also have an inner game going that allows them to execute just what they want when they want.

And, that’s the thing I would like to put out there for your consideration.

You know that you can only experience a reality when you are the vibration of it.  But, you probably only think that even if you can imagine it, there are other processes that you need to complete before it can manifest in your reality.

And, that is one way of allowing things to happen for you.


But, consider this.  Your mere ability to imagine something is an indication that you are that vibration.  So, in any given moment that you imagine yourself as you prefer, in that moment that you create the ability to picture it, you are it.

Most of us, after imagining what we can feel most excited about, then move on to the assumption that this is now something to be achieved, not understanding that the ability to imagine it actually means that we already are it.  We would not be able to imagine it if it weren’t already part of our vibration!  And, the desire itself is already an indication that we have the ability to fulfill that reality.

Okay, do you agree that this is a new and awesome way to think about being a deliberate creator? It means instantaneous transformation. I don’t know about you but that feels a hella lot more fun to me than waiting and waiting and trying to get into alignment.

Working at our alignment is one way to do it and it can work.  Most of us have used all kinds of tools to get ourselves into vibrational alignment.  It’s all good.  But, wait, what about just realizing that the moment we imagine it, we are it?


The spiritual teacher Elan suggested reminding ourselves of when we were children and playing tag. When someone tagged us and said, “Your’re it,” we were it.  In exactly that moment.




So, how does this work in reality?  We imagine, fully imagine our highest excitement, what we’d really like to be or have in our lives.  Then instead of thinking how can I get there, we begin acting like the person who already has just what we imagined.  We remind ourselves of the fact that because we can imagine it we already have it.

So your imagination, in this case, is your personal tool.  I love tools for getting into alignment but I love the simplicity of allowing my imagination to be my only tool.

We contain all of it within us, the skills, the vision, the outlook that can tune us into that bandwidth of all of the frequencies available in our current reality that will allow us to broadcast that reality.

The only marching order here, once we’ve imagined the most exciting thing that we want to create for ourselves, is to be alert for the positive opportunities that every moment holds, the things that are already available to us to lock in this new person that we have chosen to become.  We just need to remind ourselves that we are already “It.”

If we find ourselves reacting in a way that seems more like our old self rather than the new preferred self we have decided upon, we can hit pause, and think about what the preferred version of us would do, and it should come easily once we’ve decided that we are already that preferred version of ourselves.

You will love what the preferred you does and things will become more effortless.  Similar situations will produce different outcomes and they will be so much better.


So, the thing to do right now, while you’re feeling this possibility of things being more instantaneous, is to take a breath and think of your fondest desire, of the person you really want to be.  Know that because you have imagined it You Are It.  And, take a bit more time to imagine how the new preferred you would act, things you would do differently.



If and when, old beliefs come up that cause some doubt about your ability to actually be the person you have imagined, challenge them, handle them and release them.  The change you want can be much faster than you imagined before.  This is such a powerful way to view creating our reality.

Tag, You’re It.

Thanks to the Golden State Warriors for the inspiration, and to the spiritual teach Elan for the expression of the idea of instantaneous manifestation.

If you’d like some support in conjuring your new preferred reality and how your preferred persona would act given that they are already that person, let me know.  I’d love to help with that.


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