I’m not sure which is the best thing about what happens when you make a commitment to Allowing your natural Well-Being, the improvement in the circumstances of your life, or the way in which you also benefit the people you care about.

In the e-book/course “How to Allow,” I recommend that the very first and most important thing you do on your path to becoming a more deliberate creator is to make feeling as good as you can your number one priority.  It’s the “One Decision” you are asked to make in Chapter One.  It may sound selfish at first, but it is the path to Allowing the Well-Being that is natural to you and the life you were meant to be living.

Most of us aren’t used to making our own feelings our top priority, regardless of what’s going on around us.  Many of us have probably even been told by well-meaning parents or teachers that to make feeling good our number one priority would be selfish.  Yet, it’s the way you line up with the spiritual being You Really Are, and all of the things you want in your life.

And, the other great benefit of lining up your own energy to match the energy of your desires, is that you are benefiting others in the process.  Once you understand how this operates, it begins to seem a lot less selfish to make an effort to feel good and a lot more like a must.

When you hold someone as your object of attention and feel positive energy when you do it, you’ve called him or her into their higher vibration.  When you flood positive energy on someone in your life, you’re calling them to their own vibrational escrow, which you happen to have lined up with.  The spiritual teachers known as Abraham say that the person who is the object of your attention might hear you even more clearly than they would their Source, because “there is something about the deciphering of energy through you that makes it easier for them to receive.”  You’re operating as a satellite dish for them that beams the signal in more clearly because you’re translating it into physical reality for them.

So, how would this work in real life?  As a parent, it would mean focusing on the best aspects of your children, even when they aren’t demonstrating them.  It would mean spending time visualizing them being happy, successful and enjoying the things that they want to do.  It would mean worrying less about what they’re doing with their lives.  It translates into a lot less of the usual well-meaning parental interference with our kids who often know much better than we do what is best for them.  I’m not suggesting abdicating all parental responsibility or not offering guidance at the right moments, but just stepping back and recognizing that your kids are spiritual beings with their own vibrational escrow and it’s your job to visualize them being aligned with that.  That’s your highest and best job.

The same would apply to your other important relationships; making an effort to focus on the person’s best aspects and imagining them creating what they want in their lives, can be a powerful influence on them actually manifesting their fondest desires.

So, has selfish begun to sound a lot less um, selfish?   And, do you feel the power you have to create a huge positive impact on the important people in your life?  It really couldn’t be better.  By making yourself feel as good as you can as often as you can and flooding your positive attention on others, you’re creating both an improved life for yourself and the important people in your life.  Not a bad set up at all.



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