I think you probably know what the answer to this question will be. Absolutely yes, we can try too hard. But what exactly constitutes trying too hard to create what we want and what is the result of trying too hard? And, most importantly, what is the solution?

Some of us who are really getting how the Law of Attraction works are trying really, really hard to change our thoughts, to stop negative thinking in it’s tracks, and to use the tools that we are finding to create more positive momentum.

We join groups, especially Law of Attraction oriented groups, and that’s not a bad thing. It can be powerful to surround ourselves with like-minded people who make it easier to maintain that positive focus, people who get what we know to be true. I’m all in favor of that and find that interacting with people who “get it” often is a great vibe lifter.

What can happen sometimes, however, in our quest to be “good at this,” is that we compare ourselves with others, we take score of our manifestations, where we are, compare where we are to where we think we should be, and evaluate our efforts in all sorts of ways, which really is serving to muddy our vibration.


Let’s look at how we might use what we know to our advantage while not working too hard at it, in the meantime.


There are two ways of knowing where you stand in relationship with Who You Really Are:

1. How you are feeling right here, right now.

2. What’s manifesting in your life right now.


While both are valid ways of knowing whether we might want to adjust our vibration, evaluating what’s manifesting is looking at our efforts after the fact.

So, I’m not suggesting that we never look at what we’ve created as a way of seeing what we’d like to improve or to applaud our creations, it’s just that using what we’ve created to assess our efforts, when we don’t yet have what we want, is not the most direct and smooth path to creating what we really want.


Because energy is moving more and more rapidly now, especially for those of us who are tuned into our vibrations, it makes less sense to focus on the details of our manifestations, than to focus on how we’re feeling right now and see if we want to make an adjustment to create a better feeling. Yep, I’m suggesting that we consider the feeling we currently have as our manifestation, our creation. There’s no gap there. It’s pure and simple. We’re not measuring ourselves, taking score; we’re merely noticing how we feel and deciding to milk it or think a thought that feels slightly better and slightly better until we’ve moved ourselves up that emotional scale.  By doing just that we’re leaving the evaluation out of the equation. And, we’re moving rapidly, directly into the place where the improved manifestation is bound to be on it’s way. It has to happen when we immediately improve the way we’re thinking in this moment. This is where everything is happening.



So, if we find ourselves taking score, looking at “what is,” and the contrast we’re living is intense, it means we’re giving nearly equal airtime to what we want and what we don’t want. I find this extremely helpful to know!  It’s our attention to “what is” that is holding the not wanted end of the contrast in such a steady place.  If we were looking at our vortex, there would be no contrast. “Here” is hindering here.  AHicks

It’s suggested that we can narrow that gap between what we want and where we are, by finding the subtle difference between the feeling and the thought, and caring enough about how we feel to change that thought to one that feels better. And, part of that focus means not trying so hard and giving ourselves the benefit of the doubt much more, engaging in less struggle. Less struggle means less contrast.



So, if we want to stop allowing “here” to hinder “here,” we need to make some peace with where we are right now. Remember that where we are is perfectly okay and things can turn on a dime. And, things are much more likely to turn on a dime, and we are much more likely to see almost immediate evidence of the improvement in what’s going on around us, if we stop looking at “what is” so often.   Experiment by looking at our mood, how we’re feeling right now as our manifestation and stop with that.  This is huge.



Then improve our mood. Do whatever it takes without beating ourselves up and engaging in struggle.  Gently, find a better thought.  Gently, find a different thing to focus upon.  Shift subtly into a different activity that creates a better feeling.  A very short time of doing that and easing up on ourselves is going to lead to some serious pouring in of those things we’ve been waiting for, somewhat impatiently. Focusing upon how we’re feeling now and making whatever improvement we can, is the fastest and surest way to smoothing the path to all that we desire and, not to mention, feeling happier right now.




I should mention that the major force behind writing my book, “How to Allow,” which was nominated again in 2015 for Best of Books on Law of Attraction, was to find a way to let ourselves know that we are doing enough, that it doesn’t have to be so hard. And, in doing so you find yourself getting more of what you really want.  If you are inspired, check it out at Amazon or www.howtoallow.net.


I’m also available for coaching you out of some of that contrast and I offer a free coaching session to see if “Inside Job Coaching” might be right for you. Feel free to contact me at susan@howtoallow.net.  There are more details on how coaching could work for you at www.howtoallow.net/coaching.






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