It sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Could I really make a shift in my mindset today and start to see results tonight or tomorrow? Yep, I’ve seen it happen. It’s happened for me, and it’s happened for my clients and I’m willing to bet it can happen for you too.


You undoubtedly have some recurring beliefs and probably think that your beliefs about certain things are blocking you from receiving what you want. Your beliefs could be muddying your vibration on any subject, preventing it from just flowing right into your life. A sampling of some of our common beliefs: my field is tough to break into; people aren’t honest; I can only get what I want by working really hard; that person really has it in for me; I can only have the body I want by fasting and not eating any of the things I like; all of the good guys (or girls) are taken.

What if we began to think of our “beliefs” or those “thoughts we keep thinking,” as a PERSPECTIVE?  Perspective sounds a lot less difficult to challenge than BELIEF. So this perspective evolves over time from our experiences, parents, teachers, media, and isn’t necessarily the final word on the subject. In fact, it may be completely contrary to what you now know as a deliberate creator of your life. So, wouldn’t it be kind of RIDICULOUS to hold onto a perspective that no longer gibes with what you now know to be true, that anything is possible, that we’re creating it all by the thoughts we think, and that we can change our circumstances by changing our inner game?


If what we’re thinking at the moment is only true because of our bias on the subject, how can we shift that? This is where our free will comes in. And, FREE WILL is the entire basis of our existence and the lives we are creating. We can just DECIDE that we want to see something from a different perspective, that we want to see it differently from the habitually unfocused way we usually see it.  When we make that DECISION, we are putting THAT out to the Universe. We are literally informing the Universe that we would like some evidence of that new perspective and the support of the Universe in changing our perspective. And, the Universe will deliver. It always delivers. And, because we’ve actually just asked for support in changing our perspective, our request to the Universe is pretty resistance free. We are opening ourselves up to a new set of possibilities and doing our best to get out of the way. And, that’s where real magic can happen and happen quickly.


A coaching client initially came to me with issues about a relationship. Rather than diving into that issue, which had LOTS of moving parts and lots of resistance, I suggested working on improving her feelings and circumstances related to her job. After all, she was spending most of her waking hours at her workplace and an improvement there would lead to an improvement with everything else. She suggested that the people in her workplace didn’t seem to connect with her, perhaps not even like her, and that she was intimidated by her boss and barely connected with him. She didn’t think her work was respected. She also mentioned that her boss was actually a decent guy, just had a rather gruff demeanor. I asked her if she actually knew that her boss was avoiding her? I asked her if she was sure that the other people in her immediate work environment didn’t really like her or didn’t value her work?  Her wheels began to turn.


I asked her to make a list of the good things about her job, her talents, the things she brings to the table, the best aspects of her boss and some of her co-workers. I had a strong feeling that she was projecting her beliefs (her perspective) onto the rest of her crew. And, even I was surprised at the quick results!  Within the very week after she took the time to question her perspective, she was asked out for drinks by some co-workers. Her boss approached her and said that they should talk about her project, that he hadn’t had much interaction with her. Some other coworkers who went out to dinner mentioned the next day that they had discussed how much they liked her and how glad they were that she was working with them. And, then she was also asked to present information to the group about her project. She actually told me that the entire work environment had changed, that everyone was having more fun there, lots of joking and laughing.  Ummm, whaaaaat?

I think it’s fair to say that the Universe responded to her request, and it responded immediately. The very cool thing about this is that once you begin adopting this new and improved perspective on a particular subject, you then have access to much better thoughts and perspectives about EVERYTHING ELSE, because you will be attracting thoughts that match your improved vibration. It sounds so easy, and it is.


So, let’s work on allowing the Universe to help us change any perspectives we’re ready to change. And, then let’s look out for the evidence of the changes in our circumstances. When we pay attention to and appreciate the evidence, the Universe will be only too happy to deliver us more of it.  It can just get better and better.



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