I am all about helping people to enhance their vibration. And, I’m especially dedicated to helping people to change their default vibe, the vibe they return to regularly. Of course, our vibe is always changing, depending upon the thoughts we are thinking, and doesn’t remain in the same place even within the same day. We’re constantly seeing things that we could  make a little better, something new that we want to experience, and that’s what pulls the energy that creates worlds through us. We wouldn’t want our vibe to be unresponsive to our thoughts and emotions.


But, that place we return to regularly, after thinking about our desires, thinking about whether we think we can have them in our lives, is something worth our attention. If our default vibe is in a pretty good place, it’s not that hard to return to our sweet spot. We feel more confidence that when we get knocked out of our lane, we know how to get back. And, that attitude gives us a MUCH SMOOTHER ride.  


I have tools, upon tools, upon tools that I use with coaching clients to help them to create a better vibration when it comes to the things that are important to them. And, some of them work amazingly well. And, it’s fun to mix it up, try something new, especially if we feel a bit stuck where we are.


What occurred to me that is really worth a reminder is that sometimes taking a very simple approach can be just what is needed to get us back on track when we’re feeling like “meh” or “how am I ever going to get there from here?”  


For those times when we feel stuck, that the usual things we do aren’t working to improve our mood, a very basic exercise in focus can turn things right around. Every time I do this my mood shifts and things start to improve and life just feels like ease instead of struggle. And, naturally I begin to think, “Why wasn’t I doing this sooner? Didn’t you write the book on this?” and then I remind myself that the attitude of feeling like we’re off track, not doing what we know how to do, isn’t exactly conducive to feeling better, to raising our vibration. What is more helpful is “Nice job, good to think of that. You are getting better and better at being aware of your vibe.” I really try to emphasize this with everyone I work with. We don’t need to be so hard on ourselves!


The very simple tool, often referred to by Abraham, that I probably began using more than ten years ago, is to create a notebook of “Positive Aspects.” It’s so easy and seems just too good to be true. And, I know nothing is too good to be true!  If you are thinking right now that it’s just too easy and can’t possibly work you might want to take a look at that belief.  Are you perhaps expecting things to always be complicated or difficult?  That’s a belief that doesn’t serve us but just dishes up more “complicated and difficult.”

Yesterday, I was having that unwanted feeling of “why hasn’t that happened yet or when is that ever going to happen?,” and, after only a few minutes of listing the positive aspects of what I have in my life already, my mood was completely transformed.  I went from a state of being less than hopeful to “I’ve got lots of things to appreciate right now and I’m looking forward to more.”  It was that easy.  And, it feels so much better.


This very simple practice involves getting a notebook or a pad of paper or creating a doc on your computer, whatever feels easy and right for you. At the top of each page, you list an area of your life. And, on each page you make a list of the positive aspects of that area. It’s easy, it feels good, it’s not even that time consuming, and it works like a charm.  I’m willing to give you a money back guarantee.


There are so many positive aspects of each area of our lives that we take for granted, that we fail to focus upon because we are too busy trying to create things that haven’t happened yet. Yet, even a brief focus on those positive aspects that we already have causes an immediate shift. It can lead to a visceral feeling of relief and lightness. There is so much good there that we have been overlooking!


So, create that list of the important categories of your life, perhaps, family, relationships, home, work, spirituality, finances, and make a page for each.  Then list as many positive things as you can think of for each area. For the rest of the week, reread the list each day and add anything else that comes to mind. This is something that I know: within a week of doing just that your mood and your default vibration will have shifted from “meh” or not hopeful, to “there are lots of things that are working out for me.” And, that’s the default vibration that leads to the arrival of those things that have seemed hard to create. It’s just the way energy works.


An extra bonus to doing this very easy exercise is that it creates that feeling of “ease” that so many of us are just not feeling. When we feel that life is easy, that creating what we want doesn’t have to involve struggle, it becomes easy.


If you’d like to work on changing your vibe and allowing in the things you’ve been waiting for now, let me know at susan@howtoallow.net.  We can make it much easier.




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