Most of us have allowed money to become a big deal in our lives, as in, not easy to come by.  We’ve been trained to be careful with money, not “letting it slip through our fingers,” not “frittering it away.”

Well-intentioned parents, teachers, mentors, friends, have reminded us often that money is not something to be “wasted.”

The funny aspect of all of this thinking, even though considered to be almost sacred advice, is that it’s all focused upon losing money.  It’s not focused upon allowing money into our lives in any respect.  In fact, it’s not even focused upon spending money, but losing money.  The vibration of all of this sage advice is “if I’m not careful I’m going to lose money.”  The Universe is hearing “I’m losing money,” or “I can’t hold onto money because I have so many necessary expenses,” and it responds with, “Okay, here’s some more of you not having money.”

All of this money advice is not only not focused upon creating more or allowing in more money, it’s not even focused upon saving money.  Saving money can be gratifying.  And, it can be done with an attitude that has a very high vibration. Saving money while feeling good about it creates more money.  Spending money with wisdom while feeling good about it also creates more money.  You can’t be clutching money tightly in fear and allowing it in at the same time.

To be clear, this is in no way a suggestion that we should rush out and spend money that we do not have or on things that don’t have a high value for us.  That kind of behavior isn’t really lined up with prosperity consciousness.

True prosperity consciousness, which allows us to live an abundant life, is more of a respectful relationship with money.  It’s not placing undue importance on money but realizing that it’s essential in our world to have money in order to live an abundant life.  We need it for necessities, basic comforts, and for some of the things that bring us joy.  Have you ever noticed that when you decide to get something for yourself that you really value but might feel like a bit of a stretch, money very often comes in from unexpected sources that more than covers the purchase?  Yep, that definitely happens.

And, it’s worth thinking about what living an abundant life means to us.  As very well put in a podcast by Liz Moody hosting  Ramit Sethi, a good question is “what does your rich life look like?”  It doesn’t necessarily mean living in a mansion or not working or living on the beach for the rest of your life.  Although, it could.  It’s more about using money in a way that allows us to enjoy the things we want in our lives, to feel both security and the freedom to do what we want.

A helpful abundance exercise that I often use with clients is spot on in my opinion because it focuses on the very good feelings we often have when we are not living in a mentality of lack that literally repels money, but rather with a prosperity consciousness.

It involves asking ourselves 3 questions that generate answers that evoke those feelings of prosperity.

Think of 3 times you felt abundant.  Write them down and feel the feelings you had.

Think of 3 times you felt a sense of ease.  Write down those times when you have felt true ease in your life.

Think of 3 times you felt generous.  This is almost the easiest feeling to find and to savor as it’s so free of resistance.  And it is a perfect match to the vibration of prosperity!

I love this tool, in particular, because feeling truly abundant is more about experiencing and feeling no lack, feeling a sense of ease in our lives, and feeling that we can be generous with ourselves and others.  It’s not really about feeling “fuck you rich” or “filthy rich.”  It feels much more like freedom, ease, and generosity.  And those feelings are very high on the emotional scale in the range of well-being, love, and appreciation.

And, when we generate these feelings by reminding ourselves of times when we truly experienced them,  we are also generating a vibration that is a match to many of the things we want in life, not just money.

Giving money its rightful place in life, not more, not less, can put us in a place where we are attracting abundance of all kinds.  We can be creating an abundance of love, friendship, security, ease, generosity, and freedom.  And, that feels like living the good life.

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