I’m often reminded that the energy that causes us to feel happy when we’re petting our dog is the same energy that creates worlds.  It is also the same energy that creates the new job, the financial abundance, the magical relationship, and whatever else we’d like to add to our lives.

I should no longer be surprised when there is such a magical change of events when we take care of something that’s been dampening our vibration.  We can become so accustomed to certain things in our lives that are just sub-par, and not in a good way, that we just learn to tolerate them.  We don’t necessarily realize that every time we look into our closet and find everything jammed together, much of it unwearable, our mood drops a bit.  The pile of books in the corner that makes our apartment look cluttered becomes almost invisible.  Yet, we are usually noticing those books that need a new home on a different level and thinking our apartment isn’t as nice as it could be.

Maybe we need to get our car washed, a better haircut than we’ve been getting, or upgrade what we’ve been stocking in our refrigerator.  Perhaps there are things we aren’t using because they need to be repaired and it would be really nice to be able to use them.

Sometimes the things we are tolerating aren’t as much a part of our physical reality or our surroundings but are issues in our relationships that could stand improvement.  We become accustomed to the slight bit of discomfort and don’t do that little bit of work that might create a much better dynamic.  Or, where there is a relationship that is absolutely draining us and affecting our view of the world, we allow it to continue rather than establishing some needed boundaries or separating ourselves from the toxicity.

When we don’t take care of ourselves by taking care of these minor or major annoyances, we’re not giving ourselves the leverage and power we need to create the other things that are so important to us.  The things we are tolerating, aka “Tolerations,” are vibrational drains that need to be plugged.

You’d be surprised at how quickly the annoying back pain goes away, the friend calls, the magical date happens, or the checks come in after we take care of those drains on our vibration.

It’s happened for me so many times I could probably write a book solely on the subject of eliminating Tolerations!  And, it’s been a magical process for nearly all of my clients who had things in their lives that they hadn’t noticed needed some improvement.

It was not lost on me, having moved very recently to a new part of the country, that my new Internet/TV experience was not a minor Toleration.  When I noticed myself referring to the vendor and the customer service team (actually customer chat—ugh) as “those idiots” in my head, I knew I had to make some changes in what I was tolerating, my perspective or perhaps both.  Once that refrain begins in our heads, we can create so many annoying experiences in one afternoon.  Trust me on that.

I’ve loved watching my clients decide to invest in a better wardrobe for the first time in years and then manifest a huge boost in confidence.  That can translate into feeling amazing as you are walking down the street in your new clothes or even asking for that promotion that you knew you deserved but now feel inspired to put out there.

Why is the tool of “Eliminating Tolerations” in your life such a seriously great tool for raising your vibration and manifesting other things you want?

I see two components to the tool that are powerful.  First, looking at something and saying, “that’s not good enough for me,” is a declaration to the Universe that “I matter.  I deserve more.  I’m worthy of better.”  That’s a very powerful declaration that goes out into the ethers to have its way with lots of things you’d like to create in your life.

Secondly, in a more practical way that can be felt immediately, every time you look at, experience, notice, or reflect on the improvement you’ve made you just feel better.  It’s that simple.

I’ve been amazed at how cleaning out one annoying drawer has that effect every time I open the drawer.  It’s so worth it.

Making your list of Tolerations and deciding whether to:  (1) just take care of it; (2) delegate it or hire it out to someone else; (3) decide it’s less important than you thought and stop giving it your attention: or (4) delegate it to the Universe and stand by for inspired actions, can begin to improve your mood and your circumstances almost immediately.  It is definitely one of the easy-breezy tools for creating your life more consciously that I’m always suggesting.



If you’d like to share your experience with eliminating your Tolerations, please do in the comment section below.  I’m also very good at helping clients to hone in on these minor and major things that can be so transformative and I’d be happy to help.  You can reach me at susan@howtoallow.net

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