This is really simple. And yet, most of us miss the mark on this a great deal of the time. Every decision needs to be based on how it will affect our alignment, how it will make us feel. Where we get off of our path is when we make our decisions based upon someone else. It’s easy to do. It’s often what we’ve been taught. Do unto others. Don’t put yourself first. It’s egotistical, selfish.


So, there are many kind, well-meaning, compassionate people out there who could be allowing in so many more of their desires but they are tuned into the wrong channel. They are tuned into the channel of how they feel about what others are feeling, how others are treating them, rather than the channel that’s a vibrational match to their own well-being. So they don’t get the well-being that’s constantly being offered to them.  And, this even includes getting ourselves riled up about causes that are important to us, and the well-being of others.  We can be of more help for any of those causes and people we care about by focusing upon the solution to the problem rather than the problem.  And, some of us that care the most can be easily led into that place where no good can possibly come from that way of thinking.  When we go there we’ve become a vibrational match to the problem.


How can we be good, caring people and mostly ignore the demands and actions of others? The very simple fact is that we can’t be in a position to be uplifting unless we’ve taken care of our own vibration first. When we aren’t in alignment, we’re not the powerful force that is going to allow us to be generous and helpful to others. And, this particularly includes the people who are closest to us.


We need to realize that by taking care of how we feel, choosing the best thoughts we can, doing what we need to do to feel better, making decisions that make us feel better, we are actually being as helpful as we can possibly be to others. We are showing them by our example what alignment looks like. We are showing them by our example that we create our own realities. We are then like a beacon of incredible light that, when focused upon them, helps them to raise their vibration.


So this means that fretting and worrying about others doesn’t do them a bit of good. We care and therefore, we often worry. Yet, a focus on how we know that the ones we care about are strong and infinitely wise, and have the ability to find their own alignment, is the best thing we can do for them.


Standing on our heads to try to make them happy is another strategy that is not good for us or them. First, we’re not doing what we need to do to make ourselves feel good, and secondly, we’re training them to think we are the vehicle by which they can feel better.  Only their own alignment will make them feel better.  Unknown


So, what do we do? We find the best thoughts we’re capable of thinking on every subject. Often writing down the positive aspects of those subjects that we focus upon is a good way to get ourselves on the right wavelength. I also have a daily writing tool I use in “How to Allow,” which is designed to tune us to this higher channel.  We’re always looking to get closer to appreciation, the highest vibe we can achieve. Focusing on the positive aspects of our circumstances and the people in our lives puts us in a state of appreciation.  When we begin to worry about our situations or those of others, we can try to replace those thoughts with thoughts that betray confidence in ourselves and others.


I’ve found that replacing worrisome thoughts, like those that strike you in the middle of the night and can lead you nowhere but into a loop of negative thinking, with “I’m proud of myself,” can help to nip the worrisome thoughts in the bud.  We all have things to be proud of, even if we aren’t yet just where we want to be. We’ve survived a lot and done lots of good things to get ourselves to where we are right now. We all need to be proud of ourselves for getting to this point where we understand the Law of Attraction and how things really work. Just being in this place puts us on the leading edge of knowledge and gives us unlimited potential.



When we focus on how far we’ve come, the courage we’ve had, the good people we have been and the kindnesses we have extended to others, we can’t help but make the best decisions, and allow in the things we really, really want. And, by doing that, we’re also being of the highest benefit to the people we care about.


I’m proud of myself and I’m confident that we can get into alignment when it’s our top priority. Forget the past, ignore what everyone else is doing for now. Choose the thoughts and actions that make you feel best. You’ve got everything you need to do that in this powerful now moment, which is where everything is happening.  And, when you do that, you will begin to see evidence, as soon as today, of powerful shifts happening in your life.  It’s just the way the Law of Attraction works.


Give me an update on how focusing on self care and appreciating yourself is working for you and those you care about.




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