By now we all know fairly well how the Law of Attraction works and have a pretty unshakable belief in it’s power. We ask, just by thinking about something we’d like to improve or change, Source responds immediately to create that perfect solution in our vibrational reality, and we then Allow it into our physical reality by matching the vibration of what we want. So simple, yet there is also usually a simple reason why we aren’t getting everything we deserve and want to have in our lives.

I’ve come to realize that nearly everyone has a “Something” in their lives. This is actually a great truth that is sometimes comforting, not so much as in misery loves company, but that we are all dealing with some contrast or we would not be here and we would not be expanding. Everybody’s got something.  We are not alone in this.  Even the most successful and admired people have that “Something” going on. There is nearly always that moment in a friendship or relationship where you find out that someone who you thought had everything, was living almost the perfect life, has an issue. Gradually you come to realize that everyone has something they are dealing with that needs some adjustment. And, that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. That’s the “Something” that leads us to expand, and to create an even better life than we have at this moment.

It’s really come to my attention lately in talking with friends and clients that the “Something” is often what is preventing even really tuned-in people from Allowing in all that they desire. And, the solution may be easier than we have been thinking.

When we’ve got something going on that is draining our energy, concerns about finances, relationship difficulties, health issues, worries about family members, we often spend more time than we realize focusing on that “Something.” What I have seen lately is that more and more people are getting really good at realizing that they are focusing on the Something and choosing to try to not think about that “Something.” The issue that can arise when we do that, with the best of intentions, is that TRYING TO NOT THINK ABOUT THE ISSUE, THE SOMETHING WE’VE GOT GOING ON THAT’S WORRISOME, IS ACTUALLY JUST LIKE THINKING ABOUT IT.   Stop-Caring-What-Other-People-Think

This has been somewhat of an epiphany for me and has arisen in working with clients who are actually doing a really good job of recognizing that they have a block interfering with their vibration.  I love it when my clients are “getting it” and making it their major goal to keep their vibration in the right place by not focusing on lack or what is missing in their lives.  While it is great progress to recognize how we are feeling more often and make an effort to stay away from the worrisome thoughts we sometimes have, there is an easier and more effective solution to shifting our focus away from what is bothering us in our lives.


(1)       When we recognize that we’re having a negative thought, especially about the “Something,” congratulate ourselves on having that sensitivity, for being aware of what we’re doing with our thoughts. No more beating ourselves up for slipping into a subject that we want to avoid. That only leads to adding to the negative vibe and slowing down our positive momentum.


(2)       After quickly patting ourselves on the back for recognizing that we’re actually aware of how we really feel, don’t make an effort to “not think about the thing that’s bothering us.” That effort equals thinking about the thing we don’t want; this is major and powerful to know.


(3)       Immediately think, what would feel good right now instead of that? What could I do or think about that would feel better than how I’m feeling right now? It’s distraction, with either actions or better thoughts, that is the easiest and most effective way to get our positive momentum back.    Unknown


(4)       Then make the move. Leave it behind, as in no more pushing against the issue; make the shift to something that is an improvement. Find anything to focus upon that feels better or take some action that feels better.


By distracting ourselves with something that feels good we are stopping the negative vibe in its tracks. “It doesn’t matter what has been and you won’t keep having those vibrational attachments if you don’t keep thinking about them. Trying not to think about them is just like thinking about them. You have to turn your attention to something else, fill your life with other things to think about . . . You can completely deactivate vibrations within you.” Abraham-Hicks


Making the simple effort to do just this, can result in our “something,” our “issue,” losing it’s momentum completely and our life becoming far different from what we’ve been living. Distracting ourselves with a better alternative creates that space that Allows in what we’ve been wanting and more.


Make a list of distractions to have handy if you find yourself slipping into thoughts about the “Something” that sometimes gives you trouble in your life. Distraction is a game changer. And, it’s far easier than trying to train ourselves to not think about something we’ve been thinking about for a long time.





Please let me know how this works for you and ways you’ve found to distract yourself from what might cause problems in your life.  This is really working for me; so much easier than thinking, “I’ve gotta stop thinking about that.”  If you’d like to experience coaching from the inside out, creating inspired distractions, and changing your game, contact me at




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