I just found myself feeling on the lower end of the emotional scale. Ridiculous really! I have about fifteen things going really well, some great new developments, even some unanticipated good news, but have found myself dwelling on a couple of things, which are dragging me down to that lower end. Why do we do that? Why do I do that? We are taught to be problem solvers and I am big on being helpful. Something about being a mom also contributes to that identification with taking care of problems. I’m the one who finds everything in our house, figures out how to get those annoying administrative things taken care of, I even get timed now on how quickly I find things after everyone else has been looking for them. Not one to brag but …… well, enough of that.

Solving A Problem

I now know that it is okay to be a problem solver but the focus needs to be not on the problem, but on the solution. And, if I don’t see a solution, and it’s not immediately obvious, it may mean to turn away from the whole situation completely and wait for a better moment to allow in the solution. The path will light up. I know that now. And, my continuing to try to figure out how to solve the problem is only slowing down the lighting up of the path. The Universe is on it. It can even help to delegate it to the Universe in writing. Nothing speeds things up like writing it down. The writing process adds focus, commitment, belief and expectation that can be harder to evoke when those pesky worries are racing through your head.  So the suggestion here is a change of focus.  I mean, in theory, isn’t it just as easy to focus upon those fifteen things that are going well than those two problems that don’t have an immediate solution, or where the moving parts are beyond your control?

So, today, as I was finding myself at the lower end of the scale, obviously focused on the problems, I reminded myself of all of the above. I also reminded myself that whenever you’ve gone down into the funk end of the emotional scale, the relief that follows when you allow in a better way to focus is immense. There’s a huge bounce to be gained when you’ve realized you’re in a not so good feeling place and you make a conscious effort to move into the higher ranges. The energy moves very quickly to fill that vacuum. The feeling of relief is more palpable and the feeling of having mastered your own vibration feels awfully good too. You can say, “I did that. Yep, that was me,” as the solution either moves into place or you just start feeling better, in general. You know then that the solution is on it’s way.


So, find the best thoughts you can from where you are and insist on feeling as good as you can whenever you can. And, remember, brief periods of funk aren’t as bad as they are sometimes made out to be. The bounce back can bring some incredible benefits and that feeling of Well-Being which is always available to us.     2 year old boy smiling on an inflatable bouncy castle


I have lots of ideas for moving into the better feeling place from wherever you are.  Contact me at Susan@howtoallow.net for a free coaching session or to learn about coaching, in general.  Also, check out “How to Allow,” which contains great strategies for raising your vibration, filled with lots of examples, at CreateSpace.com or Amazon.com in Paperback or for Kindle.




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