When I first learned that we are creating our realities with our thoughts, I found that the dialog in my head was often, “Oh no, I’m doing it again.”  I’d realize I had been thinking thoughts that weren’t that helpful, I would have called them “negative,” and I wondered if I would ever get the hang of raising my vibration so that I could attract what I wanted in my life.  I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who went down that path, at least for a while!


Later I learned that pure positive energy is so incredibly powerful that it really takes a relatively short time to begin to create those thought forms that are lining you up with what you want.  What was such a relief at the time was to learn that those “negative” thoughts are not even in the vicinity of positive energy in terms of their frequency.  You don’t have to make up for years of negative focus with the same amount of time of positive focus to undo things you’d rather not have created.


This is all Law of Attraction 101 stuff, and now I understand so much more about how we can create just what we want without making such a big production of it.  That doesn’t mean we always get it right.  In fact, it’s the moments where we don’t quite get it right that lead to knowing what we really want and actually beckoning the Universe to create those new and improved desires.  It’s sometimes hard to keep that in mind.  With that in mind, though, suddenly contrast feels less scary and not something to be avoided at all costs.  It’s something we can just move through on the way to improvement.


In the book I wrote recently, You’re Not Stuck, I wanted to help more people to see that they can be on the path of manifesting just what they want much more easily than they realized.  I expanded the idea of manifestation to be so much more than getting the promotion at work or the new car.  In reality, every step along the way to the promotion or new car is part of the manifestation.  Manifestation is more of a pathway than a moment of completion.  And, the pathway is not difficult to follow.


I’m not sure about you, but viewing our creations as steps along a path feels like an easier process to me than maintaining a perfect vibration while focused on a particular desire.


When you realize that every step you take that raises your vibration, which may have nothing to do with a particular desire, is taking you toward the creation of your desire, it’s much easier to have that faith that everything is actually working out for you.  You will see evidence along the way of small and large things that you’ve created that demonstrate your alignment!


If you can trust and have faith that everything you create Is coming to you, then you can manifest it so

much more easily than if you are focused upon why it hasn’t happened yet, and where you might be blocked. . .

Danielscranton.com The Arcturian Council


I’ve always thought that two of the most important factors in successfully manifesting our desires involve faith.  We need to have faith that the Universe is working for us as well as faith in our own ability to line up with what we want a fair amount of the time.  I think, for many of us, we have complete faith that the Universe is always responding to deliver our desires but we often lack that same confidence in our own ability to raise and maintain our vibration.  After all, we think we’ve goofed before, right?


When we realize that the pathway toward our desires is actually PART OF THE MANIFESTATION, we can let ourselves off of the hook far more often.  We really just need to find the best thought that we can think or action that we can take in our present moments and then we are fully engaged in manifesting all of our desires.  The spiritual teacher Bashar refers to this as “following our highest excitement.”  And, that doesn’t mean that our every thought or action has to be exciting but just the best thought or action from what’s available to us at the moment.


This lighter and easier view of deliberately creating is more of a “light touch” than hammering things into place with lots of processes and hard work.  We just need to tune into how we’re feeling, often, feel the feeling fully, and make a deliberate decision to think or do whatever feels best in the moment.  It might involve work, but that might feel like the best possible option at that time.  Sometimes work can be aligned with our highest excitement.  It might involve distraction when none of the immediate options feel like inspired actions.  And, it might involve just doing something unrelated to any of our desires for the pure fun of it.  And, that’s actually one of the most direct paths to what is waiting for us in our vibrational escrow.


This approach feels so much more doable and as if we can be good at manifesting without doing tons of processes and maintaining a perfect vibration at every moment.  It leads to that important, perhaps the most important, vibration.  It’s the feeling that everything is actually working out for us.  We haven’t blown it, and any apparent misstep is actually refining our desire and creating more energy toward the creation of that desire.  When we think that everything is working out for us, more and more things show up to demonstrate that we’re right! It’s the sweet spot for creating just what we want and it’s easier than we’ve been making it out to be.




In You’re Not Stuck, I explain how this light touch manifesting works in detail and give lots of real-life examples of how this can work to create big changes in your life.  Check it out if this idea of easy manifesting resonates with you.





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