It feels nearly impossible to write a post today that does not at least touch on the elephant in the room, the coronavirus.  Yet many of us are feeling inundated and overwhelmed with the constantly changing information we are receiving and are also feeling fearful.  And, fearful is not our best emotional state or vibration.  Fear falls at the bottom of our emotional scale, in the vicinity of depression and hopelessness.  We will want to do what we can to move out of that fearful state where we can be of benefit to ourselves and others, rather than attracting more things to be fearful about.


In our world’s current state of high alert, it feels impossible to ignore the updated information that is appearing on our computers or our televisions in real-time.  And, trying to completely ignore this reality feels irresponsible.  We want to be informed as to what we can do to take care of ourselves and the people we love in a time of great uncertainty.  At the same time, an obsession with the real-time updates can lead to feelings of confusion, hopelessness and yes, more fear.


There is more than enough advice out there at this moment about the practical things we should or should not do to “keep ourselves safe.”   And the restrictions on activities have affected nearly all of us.  In my own family, people are working at home in very small NYC apartments, important travel has been canceled, and schools have been closed. It feels somewhat difficult to know what to do to make the best of the situation, other than to stock up on more wine “just to be safe,” as someone I know suggested.

There are plenty of experts out there who have advice on the practical actions we might choose to take.

Because it’s what I do, I’m going to take a vibrational approach; it’s where our power lies. 

The only approach that makes sense from a vibrational perspective is to do whatever we can do to feel better, regardless of what is going on around us.  Although our lives and routines have been impacted dramatically, most of us still have our comfortable homes, people we can engage with even if remotely, and the supplies we need to take care of our needs.  We may also have more free time if we are not going into our office.  We all know that there is a lot of time spent in commuting or office conversation that is now available to us for things we don’t typically have the time to pursue.  And, that’s not such a bad thing.


It’s easy to focus upon the feeling of isolation, cabin fever or fear of illness and yet there are also so many opportunities for focusing upon the things in our lives that are important.  It’s often in these perfect storm situations that we stumble into that clarity about what really matters to us that has seemed elusive before.


I will take one for the team and share a story that has some helpful parallels with this particular perfect storm we are facing.   I recently had some physical symptoms that were very scary (not flu-like symptoms!)  What ensued was roughly three months of medical tests and doctor visits.  It was a very novel experience for me as, when it comes to doctors, I generally try not to go looking for trouble.  And, some doctors seem to have a superpower when it comes to scaring the bejeezus out of you.  It’s as if they have found the precise words that will create enough uncertainty and plant the seeds of doubt that will leave you fairly certain that you might want to get your affairs in order.  Ugh.  And, that’s not even throwing into the mix the total meltdown that can result from Googling your physical symptoms.  Yep, I did that and it felt even worse than Doctor Doom.


I’m relating this story because there was a major silver lining that arose from this entire unpleasant and scary situation.  I knew that if I went into panic and fear while engaging in all of those fun medical procedures, I could actually create the thing I was most fearful about.  Alternatively, if there was anything going on that could affect my health, I could alter the course of it by maintaining an optimistic and hopeful vibration.


What resulted was fairly epic in my not so humble opinion.  I wasn’t perfect.  I was sometimes annoyed or frustrated but I made it my mission to release thoughts that weren’t serving me as soon as I became aware of them.  I became better than I’ve ever been at releasing unhelpful thoughts and changing my momentum.  I refused to go there.  I’d catch and release.  I’d distract myself.  I’d read uplifting books and watch funny movies.  And, I now have a clean bill of health and I feel more appreciation for my good health than you can imagine!


I think there are some parallels between my “take no prisoners” approach to managing my vibration and our current coronavirus situation.  We do have a choice.  We can be obsessed with it, fearful about it and spend our time in a very murky fearful vibration, which is not our best move.  Fearful thoughts attract more fearful thoughts and eventually more things to be fearful about.  And, they don’t prevent us from becoming sick.


The alternative to succumbing to fear is to be as informed as feels responsible or smart or comforting.  And, then we can decide that we will be on a different kind of high alert status.  We can make it a point to notice when we are spiraling into those fearful overwhelmed thoughts and gently pat ourselves on the back for noticing.  We can then remind ourselves that they are just thoughts.  They are not us.  We can remind ourselves that we have a choice as to how we think.  We can remind ourselves that because those thoughts do not feel good, it means that the Universe does not agree with our perspective or it wouldn’t feel so crummy.  In other words, that fearful thought is not true.  Whew.  That feels better.


Then we can decide to release the thought and move in the other direction. What is very likely to result from that decision is lots of ideas for inspired actions that will actually serve us.  We might do things to improve our home.  We might actually get that laundry done.  We might get some outdoor exercise.  We might stumble upon ways to spend our time that are fun and uplifting.  We might feel more connected to the people we care about knowing we are all in this together.  We might have more time to reach out to them. We might feel more compassion for the people we don’t know who are suffering through this situation.  And, that will lead to more ideas for things we can do in our lives to change them for the better.  It’s just the way energy works.



I’m rooting for all of us and our ability to see this as an opportunity to finally draw a line in the sand where we refuse to allow ourselves to go to those fearful dark places for any great length of time.  I’m rooting for all of us to see that we really can manage our vibration more than we realized when the stakes are high.  I’m rooting for being on a different kind of high alert during this perfect storm, a high alert for only tolerating the best thoughts we can find.






If you’d like some support in lining up your vibration with the things you want in your life I’d be happy to help.







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