We want what we want and we’d like for it to show up now!

So where is it?  We understand how energy works and we feel like we’ve been lining up our energy with our desires at least a fair amount of the time.  And, we know we don’t have to be perfect.  It’s a friendly Universe.  Positive energy is dominant.


So, why are we experiencing this lack of what we want, especially something that has been a long time coming?  Very often we are so aware of the “lack of what we want” that we are putting out very needy energy to the Universe.  When we are thinking so intensely about “needing” something in our lives, the Universe is responding with, “Yes, you do need that and here’s some more of needing that.”  When I catch myself emitting that kind of energy I know I need to do a reset or things will just continue to remain the same.

Yet, there’s something else going on also and I find it at least somewhat reassuring.  This knowledge can be helpful in moving us into a place where, despite the “lack of something,” we can still expect it and feel that things are generally working out for us. It feels less like struggle and more like ease.  It feels like, “Okay I’m going to do something I enjoy and quit letting this loop of ‘when is it coming?’ continue in my head.”


This is a very important piece of the puzzle that can feel so much better and lead to the manifestation of what you’ve been waiting for.  This is what Infinite Intelligence has to say on the subject:


There is always going to be a delicate balance in this dualistic universe, and in order to experience something that you desire, you also have to experience the lack side of the equation. When you recognize the lack as a void that the Universe is going to fill, you can let go of your attachment to that experience. You can stop focusing on what isn’t, and start recognizing that what is, what you do want, is right around the corner. This is the key to creating your reality. This is the key to mastery over the spiritual and the physical realm. This is the type of transmission that can change everything for you, if you allow it, if you let it in if you let yourself bask in the glory of this beautiful universe of ours.  From https://DanielScranton.com


I think this is a winning combination: (1) knowing we have to experience the lack to create the desire and feeling a sense of “okay then, it’s on its way to me;” and (2) knowing that I’m going to refocus on things that I do have, things that are going well and stop focusing on what isn’t (yet).


You might create a “go-to” thought for yourself if those feelings of lack start to creep into your head, one that makes sense for you and that you can fully embrace.  The Universe will only be hearing what you feel, by the way, not the exact words, so choose words that evoke those confident good feelings that things are often working out for you and you KNOW that what you want is on its way.


For me, I like “I know it’s on its way; that’s the way it works.”  As I typed those words I just got those alignment indicators when my body goes a bit numb and there are chills so I’m thinking that this is the “money” phrase for me, as in pure gold.


Give this approach a try and let the Universe surprise you with new things showing up easily.

If you’d like any support with Allowing in your desires, that’s my zone, so please contact me at www.howtoallow.net


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