What do we need to do to be a vibrational match to the abundance that we want in our lives, especially financial abundance?  In choosing the photo below as something that might represent a feeling of abundance, I was surprised by my thoughts as I scanned through possible photos!  I found myself being very mindful that certain photos might cause some people to think, “Oh no, that’s over the top.”  Another possibility is, “Oh, those people look like snooty jerks,”  or “that’s just selfish.”  There were photos of people on yachts and private jets, toasting glasses of champagne at a tropical resort.  And I found myself deliberately scaling it down to a woman looking very relaxed on a beach.  That’s not “too much” right?  That’s not “selfish,” right?

I do understand that money is only energy, like everything else.  I also know that having more money doesn’t deprive anyone else of having money.  It increases the pie for everyone.  Having an abundant supply of money actually helps us to lead the joyful lives we are here to create. And we are in a better position to be uplifting to others.  In our world, as it exists now, it is impossible to live a comfortable life without some financial abundance.  Housing costs money.  Food costs money.  Health care and clothing cost money.  Taking care of children costs money.  Education costs money.  And, I haven’t even gotten to the things that are beyond just the necessities of life, such as taking vacations, being able to donate to good causes, being able to hire the help you might need for your life or for your business.

I do remember the distinct feeling as a child that there were some people who were rich, and it was not us.  Most of us were raised with a mentality of “don’t waste money, be careful with money.”  I do remember a comment from a family member intended to be funny but with a little “advice” along the lines of “you are living like you have money before you have money.”  Uh, okay.  Got it,

What surprised me in looking at photos of “financial abundance” is how I was being so careful not to include in this post anything that might seem like “too much,” “excessive,” or “living selfishly.”  I was either projecting my own hidden scarcity issues or projecting a scarcity mindset upon possible readers of this post.  I do not want to do that!  I love it that I noticed my thinking.  It is always good not to beat ourselves up for discovering slopping thinking but to embrace the new information and give ourselves a pat on the back.

My intention in writing this post was to express the notion that I fully believe that money is only energy.  Some people I admire have even said to me that money is just love!  I agree.  My intention was also to point out to anyone who might be holding themselves in a vibration of scarcity that creating and having more financial abundance is good not only for us but also for everyone.  It’s good for those we care about.  We can be more generous.  We can set an example of vibrational alignment.  And our own financial abundance is good for the whole human collective.  Living an abundant life puts more of that energy out into our world.  We feel more joyful, and that energy goes out to create more of that joyful energy.  Everyone benefits.

So, how can we find a way to let go of some of those limiting beliefs about money?  How can we create more abundance from where we are right now?  How can we let go of fear when it comes to money?  And, how can we let go of thoughts that we have to work very, very hard to earn money or that we have to be working doing something we dislike or that is difficult in order to deserve financial abundance?  I have had clients that have expressed that exact mindset to me.  The idea is that in order to be worthy of earning and having lots of money, they needed to work hard at a job they weren’t enjoying.  And that included working ridiculous hours to make that happen.  By the way, they no longer ascribe to that belief!

So, let’s make a move here.  It feels like time to begin allowing more abundance of every kind into our lives.  Focusing on financial abundance, in particular, seems like a good start because it seems to be the place that most people find themselves struggling with or imposing limits on themselves.

So, if money is energy like everything else, why do we make such a big deal out of it?  Most people either have thought or still think that money is hard to come by, doesn’t grow on trees, or requires growing up with money or special skills and talents that are only available to a select few.  I think we need to let those ideas go.  They’re not actually true and they keep us in a place of lack rather than abundance,  I very deliberately chose to use the words in the title of this post on Abundance “How to Be in Alignment with Yours.”  That is the foundation we want to begin from.  When we understand how energy works, we know that all of our desires have already been manifested for us.  They are a done deal.  They are being held in our very own vibrational escrow, ready for us to vibrationally align with them.  So, the money you might desire to bring more of in your life is already here.  It’s been created FOR YOU.  It exists FOR YOU.  The only reason you don’t have it right now is that you’re not quite lined up with the idea of it, the energy of it.

And that can change.

Because this can be a big shift in thinking for lots of people, I’m going to suggest spending perhaps the next week noticing how you are thinking about your money.  Picture a very big bundle of cash, scrilla, bank, dough, or dollars.  Remind yourself that it already exists and it is yours.  KNOW THAT IT HAS ALREADY MANIFESTED BECAUSE IT HAS.  YOU ASKED AND IT WAS GIVEN.

Next, think of some of the things you’d like to buy, experience, and enjoy with your money.  Avoid thinking at all about how that is going to happen.  Skip the how and go right to enjoying your prosperity. Spend some time every day thinking those thoughts.  Just enjoy the process.  You can do it for the pure enjoyment of it, not because you think you need to do it to create your money.  You could even skip right over any actions and just imagine yourself celebrating something wonderful that requires at least some financial abundance.  That can create an amazing vibe of prosperity.

If you catch yourself thinking, “Oh I can’t afford that,” try switching it up to “I’m good with my money.  I’m choosing not to spend it on that right now because I’m so good at handling my money.”

These minor and easy moves will begin to replace your resistance around money with eagerness and positive expectations.  And you will feel so much better in the process.  At this moment, let this not be an action journey but an emotional journey.  Inspired actions will soon follow, and they will be inspired by thoughts of abundance.  They will be productive and will feel like they are the right things to do.  It doesn’t have to take a long time.  You deserve it.  You are worth it, and it’s the way you were meant to live,

When you are able to feel the feeling of abundance before it has shown itself to you, the abundance will come. It’s just the way energy works, and it is no more difficult than creating anything else in your life. I feel like we now can handle an image of someone enjoying abundance that might have felt like too much or unrealistic before; how about you?



We’ve laid the groundwork for feeling differently about money and for exuding a vibe that’s compatible with true abundance.  There are so many more strategies we can employ to line up with OUR ABUNDANCE.  Feel free to reach out if you would like to identify and remove any other limiting beliefs you might have about abundance.  I’ve found shifts and inspired actions that work, and I would love to help you create just what you deserve!  Contact me at susan@howtoallow.net






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