I have to admit that when I slip out of my vortex in a big way, I sometimes find it hard to go super general in my focus, as suggested by Abraham, as a way back into a better vibration.  Abraham creates a great case for having the confidence that you can, no matter what, conjure the “feeling better” before what you are waiting for actually happens. The suggestion is that you can get general enough in your thoughts about things in your life, even if you have to appreciate the weather, your comfortable bed, that your body is working, that you have some food in your refrigerator, or other basic things that are working in your life, to find the essence of the feeling of what you want. And, when you do, you will have created a vibrational vortex or grid that will fill in the details to support that good vibration that you’ve accomplished every time.

When I’ve let myself get knocked out of my vortex, I do look around for things that are working in my life as a way back into that sweet spot, and can usually accomplish the shift into a better feeling place. But sometimes, when I’ve created something that I’m choosing to look at as huge contrast, I can find it difficult to focus on those very general things that are working. I’m just too far out on the edge with my contrast. And, I know it’s not where I want to be. In a recent Abraham seminar, I was swept up by the additional perspective they offered, and it’s given me a new way to go general in my focus that I think will help me, and perhaps you, to spend more time in that good feeling place.

While we know that raising our vibration, feeling good, is the goal, Abraham recently pushed the envelope on raising our vibration not only because we care about how we feel, but because, when we raise our vibration, we tune into a whole new level of energy from the non-physical that can help us to fill in our grid with wonderful things. For anyone who isn’t yet familiar with the “grid” that has been a recent focus of leading edge discussions for creating deliberately, it represents, in a nutshell, the things, people and events we’ve created with our thinking.  It’s sometimes easier to imagine a grid or matrix filled with our desires (kind of like a vision board, huh?) than a vibrational vortex.  This grid fills in as we think the thoughts we think and then those creations become real in our physical reality when we become a match to them vibrationally.  And, a grid filled in with wonderful things leads to the creation of those wonderful things in our real-life experience.

As Abraham put it, “You just can’t turn your point of attraction off.  One of the things that makes it really, really wonderful is when you’re able to rendezvous with someone like Abraham, or in Esther’s case, someone like Jerry, who has re-emerged into non-physical who has only a pure positive grid going. When you hook up with someone like that, the dynamics of your experience become much more powerful . . . . Did you hear that? It was so big it might have turned you on your head, it’s so big. When you acknowledge that in your powerful now you have the ability to rendezvous with those non-physical energies that are pure positive energy, and you care about how you feel, so you must find a way of aligning with them, then your point of attraction in your powerful now is a grid that must fill in with wonderful, dynamic, spectacular things. Did you get that? An easier way to hear that is that you’ve all got friends in high places. But most of you aren’t tuning into the frequency of them so you’re missing the benefit of them.”

This is a great avenue for going general in our thinking, by focusing on the incredible resources we have at our disposal in the non-physical. I don’t know about you, but I love the idea of filling in my grid with “wonderful, dynamic, spectacular things.” Just thinking about the resources that are available to us in the form of non-physical helpers instantly causes my vibration to rise. The sky is the limit on the type or quantity of helpers that we can tune into that are nothing but pure positive energy.  Now that is a way of going general that really calls to me. Focusing on the incredible non-physical assistance available right here, right now, is not that hard to do, no matter what else has gotten our attention. I think it’s an exciting point of focus and it’s also easy to slide right into a feeling of appreciation for this non-physical assistance, which is really as high on the vibrational scale that we can go.

In “How to Allow,” one of the first things I ask readers to do is commit to choosing the best thoughts they can, as often as they can, that they not just try to feel good as often as possible but that they commit to choosing the best thoughts they can conjure as their way of life or modus operandi. It’s the difference between saying, “I’m going to try to lose ten pounds, quit smoking and meditate every day” or “I am going to lose ten pounds, quit smoking and meditate every day.” The vibrations of those two statements are quite different and will create the results that match those different vibrations.

So in that same fashion, I’m not just going to try to raise my vibration to tune into the frequency of those non-physical resources, but I am going to tune into the frequency of those friends in high places and watch how the Universe surprises and delights me.

So how should we do this?  I’m sure everyone will have their own approach.  For me, appreciating the assistance is likely to be the first step to raising my vibration to tune into those “friends in high places.”  Other things I might think about to get me there are:

I am Source Energy in a physical body.

I have the energy of Source flowing through me in a powerful way.

I have the ability to be, do or have anything I want.

I know it’s as easy to create a castle as a button.

I know the way the laws work.

I’ve been successful at manifesting lots of wonderful things in my life.

I know that the world is based on Well-Being and that I don’t need to make up every negative thought I’ve ever thought to raise my vibration.  My point of power is right now.  And, positive energy is exponentially more powerful than negative energy.  With these positive thoughts, I’m creating what I want right now.

I can change my focus to begin attracting better things in as little as seventeen seconds.

I am never alone.  The Universe has my back.  Everyone wants to help me.

And, now I know that I have “friends in high places” who can help me to fill in my life with “wonderful, dynamic and spectacular things.”

And, then, after reaching that place of pure positive vibration, I’d ask for guidance, ideas, and support and watch and listen to see what happens next.  Let me know how working with your friends in high places plays out for you.

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