We all have beliefs about what we can or cannot be, do or have.  And, many of us are getting better at identifying any limiting beliefs and changing them to more empowering beliefs that reflect Who We Are now.  Yet some of those underlying limiting beliefs are not obvious to us.  Those beliefs are largely based upon our past and our assessment of how we got here.  And sometimes our assessment of why we are “stuck” where we are isn’t pretty.  If we really think about it, though, basing our beliefs about ourselves largely upon what has already occurred is a pretty ridiculous approach.  That approach, more than anything else we can do, keeps us stuck in a circular pattern that we can never seem to break free from.  It’s a loop in our heads that plays over and over.  It’s the boring, limited story, filled with excuses and blame (toward ourselves and others) that just keeps on giving.  bigstock-131635712


I’m very big on examining the story we tell ourselves about how we arrived where we are and what we think we bring to the table now.  And, it can be life-changing to examine and reframe that story.  And, sometimes when we do uncover those false beliefs about what is possible, we need to work them around in our head, challenge them, prove them wrong. And, then our vibration reflects our new improved beliefs about ourselves and how we can have what we want in our lives.


Yet, I was reminded in a recent post by Daniel Scranton that we can sometimes use a very simple means of moving beyond those limiting beliefs and proving to ourselves that we can actually Allow in more of what we want.  And, it doesn’t involve the work that can sometimes be required to blast through old limiting beliefs.


It was pointed out that we often do break free from our limiting beliefs, our blocks, when we are lost in the moment.  In other words, it is when we are lost in something we really, really enjoy doing or feeling, that we leave the loop of limited thinking and operate with total creative freedom.  The limited programming, the habits of thought, that keep us from moving beyond where we have been stuck, lose their power and become irrelevant when we are consumed with something that we are passionate about.  And, we now know that a very short period of time, even as little as 68 seconds of emitting a pure positive vibration, can create powerful unstoppable momentum toward manifesting just what we want.

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So, I’m going to suggest something very revolutionary, but so very worth it.  Find something that you really enjoy and do it.  Find the hobby, the artistic outlet, the relationships, the fun things that make you smile and put them on your to-do list along with the things that you think you need to do.  Put them at the top of your list and make sure that you do them.  And then savor those moments.  Savor the freedom of being yourself, unrestricted, feeling the joy of who you really are, free of resistant thoughts.  And, the more often that you take on this big task of allowing yourself to do what you love to do, the more you will find that your life is changing in previously unimaginable ways. You will see evidence of change in your circumstances.  The things you have been wanting will begin to show up in your life.  And, life will get easier and easier and more and more fun.



I’m committed to this easy approach to creating my life more deliberately and hope that you are too.



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